ZZZZZZZZZ-Is the Super Bowl over yet?

Lousy game, lousy halftime show, don’t even get the cool kids commercials.

Lots of Super Bowl hype but give me the Grey Cup any day!!!

US commercials are on again.

The greatest coach in NFL history kicked a FG to go up 2 scores with a minute left…

Who woulda thought?

Team vote is a team vote. Gotta abide by it.

Shades of B.C.

Thought the exact same thing.

Is it May yet

Any of the old timers enjoy this one? Defensive classic, etc.

I hear there was a championship game in 1972 that ended 13-10 and a lot of Hamiltonians thought it was a classic.

But, today wasn’t a defensive classic, they just stunk! :wink:

What’s funny is if you can make a call like that in the biggest game in the world… Week 14 in BC should be a no brainer.

By virtue of the ending. And it’s fallen considerably down the list of classics.
The new standard for a GC and SB is a close moderately to high scoring game.
By that standard the game was a dud.
Because it was.

Personally, I’d rather watch the Grey Cup, but you have to like the fact that there aren’t any bogus PI calls, and the game (bad as it was) moved pretty quickly. Defence can contact the receiver, although that made no difference to Edelman or Gronk…
Sure wish we had the old-school rules back, I hate this no contact after 5 yards stuff.

Not the most exciting game for sure. Still prefer CFL games.
But one nice difference I did find, was I wasn’t watching to see if there was a flag thrown on every play, like I do when watching CFL games. I honestly first look for a flag whenever there is an exciting run or pass play in the CFL games.

And they sure let the defensive backs play tight against the receivers compared to the CFL…I bet there would have been 10 PI calls under CFL rules.


I think there should be no contact allowed at all.

NFL kicking game is a complete waste of time. Punts rarely get returned and are mostly downed by the kicking team. Kickoffs sail into the endzone which results in scrimmage at the 25.


That’s the part that hurts me the most. I can barely watch sometimes.

One takeaway from the game might be that old coaches can still teach young coaches a thing or two . :wink: There didn’t seem to be a lot of errors for a team to take advantage of, except for the coverage on the old quarterback, Julian Edelman. He reminds me of a slightly quicker version of a Luke Tasker or Ben Cahoon.

Watching this year’s Super Bowl was like watching a chess match. It was interesting but not too exciting .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Ha, how many people watch a chess match on TV…guessing you didn’t care for the game Pat.

I agree with Pat" the old guy" . I did not think it was a sloppy game it was IMO 2 well prepared defenses battling it out.
Old guy I’m one too I have pictures of me with V. Scott, E. Bevan and S. Oneschuk? at the HAAA grounds in 1954…

My brother, as a teenager,worked as a server for the training table meals that were served at the HAAA after the TiCat practices . Hank Martin was the caterer. He owned the restaurant near King and Locke Sts, just near the Park Hotel.
As a kid, I had a scrapbook with player autographs gathered by my brother . I wish I had that scrapbook now . That was too many years and too many wives ago . :wink:

Pat Lynch (the old guy who played at the “H” with the Westdale Warriors)