Zuger9's All Time Ticat Depth Chart Project

Since everybody was upset about the loss of this Depth Chart, and the Archive site will only be up for a month so I grabbed the link to Zuger9’s All Time Ticat Depth Chart Project.


All Credit to the “Artist formerly known as Zuger9”.

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Many thanks for the link, Miller91. Just to be clear, have you heard that the archive will not be available until next month, or that it will only be available for the next month (and then disappears forever)?

From what I got from Ron it will only be available this month. Check the announcement. That’s how I got the Depth Chart, the old site is up and running right now. No message board though, only admin can post. You can get your PMs back though.

Looks like this thread already exists. Discuss away Ticat nation.

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Need to add Speedy B, Simoni and Orlondo to the depth chart at minimum. Probably Revenberg too.

As starters or backups? Who do they replace?

I'll pick the easiest. Revenberg... after only 4 years and against those guys? Please make your case. I think there's a case to be made for Bevan but few of us here saw him play.

Speedy B easily better than Steve Stapler.
Tommy Joe was not a good FG kicker and he is on the list.

I didn't watch a lot of these players so it is difficult to compare guards for example to different eras. Statistics for FGs are a black and white comparison. I see TJC was 29-54 in FGs the 2 years I found his kicking stats.

Al Bruno was 56-55 as a Ticat coach, sorry Al but I am bumping you out.

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While I agree, you just can't forget "the catch" in the 1989 Grey Cup game putting Hamilton up with little time remaining. After the game it was revealed that Stapler was playing with busted ribs. If you have never had "ribs" just breathing hurts incredibly. Try running routes and catching TD passes with busted ribs. Much respect to Steve Stapler. :football: :football: :football: :+1: :mask:

I was at THE CATCH game...it was Tony Champion

"The catch," and the broken ribs were Tony Champion's.
If I recall, correctly, Stapler scored a long ball TD early in the '86 Grey Cup.


(How soon we forget, especially as we get older). [insert the sound of Mike wiping cake off of his face]. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :mask:

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Coffey got the nod because he was one of the CFL greats and Cats' all-time greats with 7 all league all-star nods. Like all in his day the field goal stats aren't great (I'd argue that era affects field goal stats as well) but he was never the best. His receiving was wonderful... tough and gritty and many times he would get banged up on a receiving play and had to limp over for a kick. So there is a good argument to replace him just as a kicker (and it pains me to admit this ad you can check my avatar) but again... give us your picks.

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There are some convincing arguments for adding some more recent players.
Speedy, Simoni, Laurant, Dyakowski, Hage, Tasker - all have had great, long years as Tiger-Cats. Have/are they enough to beat out some of the incumbents?
As for place-kicking, you simply cannot compare modern kicking to yesteryear's. As soon as kickers adopted the "soccer-style" technique, it was the end of the straight-on "toe" kickers. As well, intentionally kicking for a Rouge used to be a thing back in the day.

The Zuger9 chart was from 2005, I believe. Players who have made an impact since then (and wouldn't have been considered in 2005) include:

  • Simoni Lawrence
  • Brandon Banks
  • Pete Dyakowski
  • Andy Fantuz
  • Ted Laurent
  • Marwan Hage
  • Delvin Breaux
  • Luke Tasker
  • Brandon Revenberg

Breaux and Revenberg have only played 4 years but they were good ones. I would think longevity with the team is very important to make it onto an all-time list.

I can think of others who are on the right track, if they can continue to perform for a few more years.

Really wish I noticed that this chart was made in 2005. Spent some time trying to figure out how Breaux, Simoni and Speedy B weren't there. lol
My active TiCat watching only goes back to 1980 so there are a few names on there that I'm not familiar with. I would like to say that a few players of the last decade could bump off some of other names but I can't say for sure without looking at their stats (and comparing them to others of the same era).
I think Speedy B could be placed at a few spots, WR SB or even RB. Or maybe add kick returners as an extra spot.

For sure kick return should be a spot. We have had a long recent list of all time great ones.
Speedy, Earl, Chris Williams and my secret man crush return guy that only was here for a cup of coffee Kahlil Hill.

1950 to 2019 waaaay toooo long an era. For example, how can Hal Patterson be third on anyone's list of receivers? I mean, he's Hal Patterson for gosh sakes! Really? Prince Hal third? :wink:

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Hal Patterson: Seven seasons with Ticats, for 3,407 receiving yards and 22 TDs. Only three of those seasons above 500 yards, and no 1,000-yard seasons. Should his prior spectacular performance with MTL count towards Ticat all-time status?

Should Fantuz's performance with SSK bump him up the Ticat list? How about Calvillo with his 80,000 yards - or for that matter, Dunigan, Allen and Burris. All-time Cats QBs? It really depends on your criteria. Personally, I would lean heavily towards achievements in the Black & Gold.

(If the Dork were still with us he could now rant about Less Browne.)

Excellent points ExPat. But he's still Hal Patterson, probably my first "idol" in football. Best day of my life as a kid was when the Cats traded for Hal! And I see Mike O'Shea made the list, despite his best years being in Toronto.