Zuger9's all-time Ticat Depth Chart project (Ver. 7 - 2005)

I am posting this 2005 depth chart project graphic as recognition of ticats.ca user Zuger9's extensive effort in this area. As he has not been directly reachable here in recent years to my knowledge, I have taken the liberty to post his most recent depth chart.

Perhaps folks will want to revisit this all-time depth chart in future years. My thanks again to Zuger9 for setting an excellent benchmark for future versions!

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Do you have access to a larger higher res version of it? I can hardly see the names.

Of course.

[url=http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_HaoJXGM0WGY/TMZoKseQouI/AAAAAAAAAGQ/KyP6kHdrrVU/s1600/zuger9+All-time+Ticat+Depth+Chart.jpg]http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_HaoJXGM0WGY/T ... +Chart.jpg[/url]

Try that link.

I remember this well, have it stored on my computer, and refer to it from time to time. I recall many great discussions on this board (the previous version of it) with Zuger9 and others as he refined it. He was very gracious and open about receiving and listening to input, including some from me. He was such a terrific member here, and it is a shame he is no longer on ticats.ca. I hope he is doing well.

Indeed, Steve!

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Big thanks! Only selection I don't agree with is O'Shea.

I didn't think it was my place to Photoshop that off...LMAO :wink:

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I think O'Shea is one of the most endangered names on that list, based on the play of Markeith Knowlton. O'Shea was only here for 4 years total, a tenure that MK will equal by next year.

Unfortunately, I don't think a lot of changes are necessary based on anything we've seen in the 5 years since this roster was compiled. Probably Marwan Hage has made the strongest case for inclusion, at least as a backup Centre. Both Knowlton and Jamall Johnson probably have a shot, if they put in the years. Bruce and Stala could be contenders, but both would have to have to extend their careers beyond what I think is likely.

Kevin Glenn needs about 5 more years comparable to this one, plus at least one Grey Cup ring. Cobb probably needs 2-3 more 1,000-yard seasons. Stevie Baggs appears to have the potential but it's obviously very early - and to be honest I can't imagine anyone unseating any of the D-line starters on that list for decades to come. It's probably the strongest group on the whole roster.

I was thinking along the same lines. Not many, if any, players who would displace anyone on Zuger9's roster, not yet anyway. One of the notable things to me is that for a team with a history and reputation as being tough on defence over the years, we've had relatively few incredible linebackers. There have been some very good ones, but there wasn't as much controversy about compiling this group as there was in some other areas. I recall discussing this with Zuger9 at the time. That's why Herb Paterra made the list; he was a good player, but didn't play many seasons either. Smokey Stover didn't make it either-- he was an amazing MLB, and had one of the best nicknames ever, but he only played half a season. I agree, Markeith Knowlton could well be considered as someone to break into the group.

If we get to the point of wanting to make some consensus adjustments to the roster, I nominate Russ as the keeper of the keys on this.

One name I find missing there is Bobby Dawson (DB/LB) from the early 90's. That guy was one of the most feared tacklers in his day.

He played 5 years (90-94) and I would say thats enough. Longer than O'Shea.

Was that diagram really posted in 2005?

My one suggestion would be Troy Davis. He didn't win a cup with us, but when he retired he held almost every meaningful team record for rushing. In fact, he overtook records that Gerry McDougall had held since 1966. Tireless runner, excellent blocker, and he left everything on the field. Literally, in at least two memorable occasions.

Now, who would he replace? My temptation would be to take out Fleming, but I don't remember that era. I know Fleming was a character and fan favourite, but he clearly didn't have the stats of McDougall and Davis.

Thanks, Russ, for keeping this chart going. There was another one created by the team in 1992 (I think) that used the players' rookie cards for the illustrations. Many of the same names on both.

Very convincing argument. Which explains why "T. Davis" is on the list as starting RB. :slight_smile:

Oh. Right.

How long has that been there?

The chart is Version 7 of the project and was posted in 2005 on an earlier iteration of ticats.ca.

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