Zuger is HOF

I have met many star athletes, some rockstars, a few celebrities, but nothing like Joe.
The CFL should honour him before it is too late. He has the numbers and the rings.
Make it so!

I agree 100%. You could always start a petition on-line. If enough sign it the selection committee will have to listen. Power to the people on the internet.


One piece of Zuger trivia I have to share.

He played the '67 Grey Cup with a broken nose (he received in the game). He wore only a single bar facemask on his helmet so most of his face was an easy target. He was named player of that game. It was 1968 that the CFL started handing out new cars to the Grey Cup player of the game.

I have a lot of respect for such a (literally) hard nosed player and hope to see him receive the recognition he deserves from the Canadian Football Hall of Fame selection committee and finally right the wrong of not being selected since he retired (43 years ago - 1972(?)).

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From wiki:

In 1962, his rookie season, ....Zuger turned heads immediately when in his very first game as the starting quarterback he threw for a team record 572 passing yards and a league record 8 TD passes.

....in 1963, Zuger became a full-time defensive back and had 5 interceptions.

...in 1965, Zuger moved back to the quarterback position, sharing duties with Cosentino again, as well as in 1966, before taking over as the sole #1 quarterback in 1967 and leading Hamilton to victory in the 55th Grey Cup. (Grey Cup MVP)

...Zuger was one of the greatest punters the CFL has ever seen, with a league record 45.5-yard punting average over his career. Three times, Zuger averaged over 48 yards a punt over a season and had punts of over 80 yards at least 4 times, including one of 85 yards in 1968.

From me:

10 year CFL career as a player with 3 Gey Cup rings in 5 GCs as a player & one ring in 5 GCs as a GM.
The list of HOFers under his steerage:

Grover Covington
Paul Bennett
Ben Zambiazi
Rocky DiPietro
Les Browne
Dieter Brock

Je ne peux me rappeler que de la fin de la carrière de Zuger, mais il faut admettre que c'était un joueur hors du commun. Il a eu du succès dans tous les rôles qui lui ont été confiés.

La fin de sa carrière a coîncidé avec un autre quart-arrière que j'ai adoré voir jouer : Chuck Ealey.