Zone vs Man

Okay after letting Calgary come back to win the game, it was obvious to me that The secondary went to a soft zone to keep the ball in front. You'd think with a 17 point lead that should be okay but like last year it doesn't seem to be a strategy.

For the first three Quarters the secondary played well, not sure why you'd want to go away from what was working.

I think instead of a soft zone to go to man or a very tight zone. I've seen so many recievers over throw on man coverage this year that I think it's better odds to go to man. A soft zone is just a guarantee to march the ball down the field.

I hope Chamblin talks to Hall about switching things up. Offensive know exactly what we will do year after year, no wonder we lost. :cry:

It looked like they were in man to man on the winning play in OT. The DBs were really having trouble staying with the guy on the crossing stuff over the middle. Losing Eddie Russ maybe was a larger issue than we give it credit. When he first got hurt, Calgary was imploding with very stupid penalties. As they settled down our D got exposed.

Graham is brutal lose him fast, bring in some DB's Tamman! Fix the deficet do your job, address the issue it's a weak area depth wise!

Graham was only playing due to injury to Turenne. Depending on how Eddie Russ is, was not looking promising during the game, Graham may continue to be dressed. I would personally jope they would put Jackson in instead, and use Moss or other on returns.
I have been preaching high hopes on Russ for 2 seasons and believe he has been measuring up thus far...Apparently he was on crutches after the game, but Chamblin stated he did not believe it was too serious.
I noticed a dramatic improvement in the D with Graham replaced, though he did look okay against the Stamps. I was not sure if the issue was Graham or McKenzie, but McKenzie's game seemed to elevate with the replacement.

I was fine with the zone...protect against the deep ball first when up by 17 late, but when it was a 10 point game they probably should have reverted. Even in the zone, they only kept 1 LB over the middle, and that LB was dropping to the hash of where Lewis was...that is a green light for him to cut accross the middle.

Really, if they wanted to play a zone late, they should have been only bringing the front 3, and using an extra LB over the shallow middle.

I expect Chamblin to address the D considering it is his area. We have to get to the risk reward type of D. The easy open dump passes that are always open are little risk and big reward for the offense. Our D needs to force the big risk pass work smaller odds of a reward. Look at Calvillo, Jyles, Lulay consistantly over throwing thier recievers on the deep patterns. Make sure our safety plays back but lets pressure them and we should be able to stop the drives and make them unt or turn over on downs. We need to be able to trust our secondary, rush 1 less guy, etc. but that soft zone isn't what you want to have to fall back on at the end of the season in the playoffs.

Lol, the TSN panel just made my exact same point on the Al's vs Ticats. Shultz said Al's would have won the game if the Ticat D had played back. Instead they played agressive and took back the monentum.

The Riders secondary played well until losing Russ. That shifted pretty well their entire secondary around, which is when there was confusion. I dont believe their d is as bad as they played in the 4th quarter of that game, and fully expect them to rebound next week.

Well GW I hope u are right cause Hamilton will be coming in to make up for the utt kickin the room from us in week one. Hamilton was able to shut down the Al's this week in a similar situation.

One thing I've seen this year is Coach will address it quickly and I'm sure make the proper adjustments.

The secondary just isn't good enough. It is still probably the weakest in the league. With Eddie Russ out it is definitely the weakest in the league.

Also, the front 4 isn't getting enough pressure. Mind you they are better than last year, but they are still not getting consistent pressure. They may be 2nd in the league in sacks with 12, but 10 of those came in the first 2 games when Hamilton mailed it in and Edmonton's offense just played terrible. Even the Lions weren't clicking on all cylinders. Since then they've had 2 sacks in 3 games. Not that Burris had a ton of time on Saturday but in general he had enough to kill the Rider secondary.

Nick Graham getting EMBARRASSED on the same drag route by Williams THREE TIMES almost in a row. Come on.

Like I said in the preseason, the Riders will need to win 40-38 every week because that defense just isn't good enough.

How was the secondary week last week...that stupid short cross aside? Whether it was Graham who was unable to adapt to Williams or the coaching staff, none of us know for certain, but as a whole, the secondary has been very good.

Disagree completely. It wasn't tested until week 4, and in the last 2 games failed.

It's like taking a math class and the first month is adding subtracting and times tables. You ace it 100%. You're a math whiz. Then they switch to algebra and you flunk miserably and it turns out you weren't that good after all. In fact you're the lowest marks in the entire class by quite a bit. You're in the wrong league.

That is this secondary. Weeks 1 and 2, opponents mailed it in, front 4 dominated and made the job easy. Everybody's happy, secondary is great. Then they play tougher opponents, front 4 plays well but does not dominate. Allows opposing QBs to find rhythm. Secondary is exposed.

Sure, Eddie Russ is missed dearly. But most of the rest of the league has at least 2 Eddie Russes in their starting 5. What's Taman's excuse?

well, against Hamilton here is what I saw...A defense that held Henry Burris to 180 yards passing through 3 quarters, then gave up 180 yards in the 4th quarter when they dropped into prevent and soft zone. Prior to that they really let no deep balls go, they only allowed a couple passes over the middle, basically allowed short passes and swarmed to the ball hard for team tackles with minimal YAC, they swatted 3-4 down in the secondary, and delivered some pretty crushing / intimidating hits to would be receivers. Take away that repetitive cross to Williams, and this discussion isn't happening.

Missing starters in the Rider secondary...Turenne, Russ, Jackson

In the Calgary game I saw much of the same, with the team surrendering 200 yards after the 3rd.

Missing starters in the Rider secondary...Turenne, Russ

I have seen a pretty sharp looking secondary prior to the 4th. If I am playing the Riders at this point I almost want to be down by a couple majors going into the 4th so that Hall backs his D off.