Zone Defence

The Riders showed the rest of the league how to beat our man defence. All you have to do is start Slotback A on the weak side of the field, waggle towards the line, then Slotback A cuts behind the line in the flats on the wide side, the defensive back responsible for Slotback A will get lost in the traffic in the middle of the field trying to chase his man, the receivers on the strong side run a few hitches to create even more traffic and boom goes the dynamite.

I personally prefer a zone coverage scheme for this reason exactly, it is very easy to set picks and create traffic in the middle of the field where a defensive back can get lost. If we would have just played a traditional zone, the corner back would have been lurking the flats or one of the linebackers would and Dressler doesnt have nearly the game he has. You cant fault Marcel Young for bad coverage, its just Creehan was out-coached.

Do you think Creehan will change his scheme for next game? I just hope to god if we see the Lions trying to run the same play, our defense reacts differently because it is just too easy to execute with the half back trying to chase the slotback all the way across the field playing man to man.