Zimmerman is an IDIOT

Brandon Whitaker wont be back according to this janitor who has the keys to the good ship Argonaut???

"dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb, is he ever dumb"

NICE!! This guy has so much heart and fight and showed no signs of slowing down. He'd get pumped play after play and continued to get up and take more. He should be back but not played quite as much.

We have been set back years at this point.

Kenny Shaw and now Dionte Spencer both signed in Ottawa.

Jeff Matthews will be the Saviour???...Venables is a decent pickup.

Zimmerman is NOT qualified to handle free agency, which goes right back to Copeland for the ultimate responsibility.

Tuck just signed. Young big Canadian at FB.

I seem to understand what they are doing now. Building young Canadian talent. They have replaced the loss of the 1st round selection in my books. Problem is they don't have a voice without a GM or Coach to let everyone know what they are doing. I like the approach. Still have 3 picks in the top 30 and FA not finished.

They have stayed away from older players or players that had serious injuries. There are some younger American players still out there. If they cannot ink Jackson at wide receiver there is Sinkfield or Fuller. Stats on Sinkfield say he is the fastest in the league, still unsigned with BC.

Need to sign some of their OL or sign one of the American OL still out there. They will have to pay for these guys but if they are young and sign up for long term I would do it. Remember they cut some high priced OL from last year that did not produce so they must have some Cap space

Pickup Shakir Bell at RB - at 24 he would be a good pickup. Big Fast Young. He is moving into his prime and will not have an opportunity with EE

Same thing with Andre Durie, they dropped him and really made no effort to sign Chad Owens who took a 2 year contract with the Riders instead.
He would have been a great face for the team during this uncertainty.

Argos should not stop FA signings

They must have a Power Running Back. This kind of back also becomes a defence player by keeping the other team off of the field! They are worth the money. How many times last year were we 2nd and short 3rd and short and Dan delayed or got stood up. He never had the quickness or power. This position also aids in blocking or short passing along with a running threat. A lot of punch for the money. Get the best you can signed.

Also need American DL, OL signed . 2 for each would be ideal plus Ojo still available. You have to pay someone so the premium for these guys can't be too great. How about Van Roten, Laing, and Cummings back.

Bell, Ojo, Van Roten, Laing, Cummings. with what we have got already what kind of team does this give us?

I posted here but do not think Zimmerman is idiot. There are other FA that would be great pickups. My advice to him is do not wait for the new GM, too late for that. Make sure this team has the tools to move forward. Long term planning = good but not with so many FA's every year.

This surprised me…

Yay for Jim Popp for finally bringing back BW. Good move.

BUT Zimmerman proved to be a BIGGER IDIOT, and gutless LOSER by sending a text to Foley advising him he is being released. TERRIBLE.

Il semblerait que l'équipe a tenté de joindre Foley, lui a laissé des messages mais qu'il n'ait pas répondu. Peut-être que Foley a joué au chat et à la souris avec la direction et qu'à la fin, ils n'ont pas eu d'autre choix.