Zicarelli trash talks the Cats

Even the most diehard supporter of the beloved Black and Gold will acknowledge how the hometown Tiger-Cats aren’t as good as their 8-2 record indicates.
Without quarterback Jeremiah Masoli, who has been lost for the season with a knee injury, the Ticats cannot be considered serious Grey Cup contenders. Everything changed when Masoli was hurt. His replacement, Dane Evans, has not been the answer and he’ll enter Monday’s din as the second-best quarterback in the game, behind Toronto starter McLeod Bethel-Thompson. Hamilton’s offence is not the same without Masoli, no matter what people in the Hammer are saying. The Ticats can be best described as a front-running team that lacks discipline. It’s a team with more than a few selfish players who are prone to imploding when things don’t go their way.
The Ticats are not 50 points better than the Argos — as they were in Toronto’s season-opening debacle — and nor are they seven wins better. Hamilton is better because its record is superior, but this roster, at least as currently constituted, isn’t good enough to win a title.
Sounds like someone's a little bitter. Just because the rest of our team is strong enough to win games on their own doesn't mean they can't win a title.

You beat me to the punch Count Floyd . I already had this same article linked up and ready to post .
I read it this morning and was absolutely rolling my eyes , laughing and shaking my head the entire time . Talk about a one sided totally biased piece of BS . Absolutely unbelievable laughable piece of trash journalism at its finest . No doubt about it , Zicarelli is an absolute clown who seems to know SFA about football . Maybe the Sun should do themselves a favour and reassign this hack to covering something that he might know more about like perhaps tiddly-winks or underwater checkers . ;D

Here’s another quote that caught my eye from this ridiculous article

Quote : "The Ticats record includes two wins against the Lions that could have easily gone B.C’s way , a win over Calgary when the Stamps surrendered two special team scores,and an away win when Ottawa’s offence was pathetic ."

“For the Boatmen , there was a one-point loss on a walk-off rouge,a two-score loss on a night when the offence turned the ball over seven times , and the most recent heartbreaker in Moncton .”

While the writer’s opinion is presented, in that column, rather harshly, I don’t disagree with everything he says.

He comes out extra strong on the loss of Masoli and the ability of of Evans, but he’s missing something in saying “Everything” changed when Masoli went down. The team’s record hasn’t changed!

When Jeremiah’s season ended in the 1st. quarter of game 6, the Cats’ record was 4-1. Today it’s 8-2. And, Zicarelli’s words may just increase the TiCats’ motivation to make it 9-2 on Monday. Thanks Frank.

I’m sure they’d never admit to using it as motivation, but I would love it if the Cats put this up in their locker room & made him eat his words.

When Zicarelli says “players” he means one player and that would be Lawrence.

Zicarelli is never this biting. Me thinks something happened at pre or post game Q/A week 2 to get his hate on for HAM.

Great minds think alike, bobo :wink:

This quote caught my eye:“Hamilton’s offence is not the same without Masoli, no matter what people in the Hammer are saying.”

Just wondering, who are the “people in the Hammer” that ever said that?

Then : “Masoli out ? East is wide open, folks. Will Kevin Glenn get a call”

Now. “Sure, they’re 8-2 but something something

Same media.

Actually, I’d bet that he’d include Breaux over Lawrence. Too bad Breaux won’t be playing this game; if he paid attention, he’d know that. :slight_smile:

in a previous piece Zicarelli went full-on Helen Lovejoy on Lawrence after the Collaros hit.

Could have been a pre existing beef but imo this column all stems from that which spilled over into the blowout in week two where Im guessing Lawrence took issue.

More than meets the eye here, imo, Zicarelli is never this bitchy or partisan.

At least they have someone reporting on the game.

Should make great bulletin board material(as if our guys need it ;))

I’d be grumpy too at 1-8
I hope we lay a beating on them.
A 20 point margin of victory would be oh so sweet.

Maybe he’s upset our Head Coach no longer hands over the entire gameplan in interviews.

Wouldn’t hurt to tell a story once in a while.

He writes for sun media… enough said.

It’s only a matter of time before Dane Evan’s and the offence click and hit their stride, no doubt this team was built around Masoli and he’s out now, it’s time for others to step up, especially on offence. Since Masoli went down to injury the offence has done okay but all games have been defensive battles and kept close for the Cats to win.

I disagree with Zicarelli in some respect because good teams find ways to win, the Arblows are not a good team, the Tiger-Cats are and will win at all phases of the game on Defence, Offence and Special Teams.

GO CATS GO, Let’s Whip The Argos on Monday!!

Wonder what he thinks of our offence now?

Evans only had 6 incompletions - 31 of 37 for 442 yards. Only negative may be holding onto the ball a little longer instead of throwing it away to avoid the sack. That will come with experience.

And 549 total yards !!!

I felt bad for the OLine in the first half. 1st sack i think Evans had 6-7 seconds before he just fell down for a sack.
First 4 sacks were on Evans IMO.
He came out for the second half a new man. Full credit to Evans and his performance.