zetta over rated

I think the Cats are wasting an import position on having an American kicker/punter who is just mediocre.I know this sounds sacrilegious as there seems to be unquestioning adoration of Setta.For the last two years he is in the middle or bottom in most stats-points,net punts,kickoffs,field goals.

First post eh? nice troll.......lol

Setta is amazing on the field and in the community. He's never to busy to sign an autograph or talk with someone and he's great with kid's. Every year too, he takes kid's to the Reebok store and buy's em all a pair of shoe's. Plus he average's almost 60 yard's per punt and his field goal range is about 53 yards. Sounds like we should can him for sure, good post oops :roll:

2009: 3rd amongst Kickers in Points For
After missing 4 kicks in the first two weeks, he hasn't missed a FG since. (100% in the past 6 games)
Yes, he is in the bottom tier for Kickoffs, I will give you that, but it's clearly not the biggest part of a kicker's duties.
Punting numbers don't matter when your Net Punting is solid. Which in the case of Nick, he is 3rd this year in Net Punting (Lulay doesn't count)

2008: Last in points for on the WORST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE.
Yet 5th in FG %, when he was taking many long kicks as our Offense could not move the ball.
1st in Punting and Net Punting last year.

2007: Highest FG % and Most Points
5th in Punting, but 3rd in Net Punting.

So, he's not solid on Kickoffs, but to call Nick SETTA overrated is an incredibly dumb remark.
He's a Top-3 all-around kicker in this league, and his numbers show that.

Setta is a Good Kicker and as 15 Wrote Is great Community guy
If have someone better Mind then Nick Speak up..
But I would take Nick over anyone right now ..
Argos are using two American Kickers Labour day now that is waist ..

If it weren't for Nick Setta, we wouldn't put as many points up on the score board.

First of all its Nick Setta. Second of all he was suffering from back problems from the preseason but since his recovery he has been bang on. I personally have met Nick on multiple occasions he is a stand up guy and by far one of my favorite Ticats and if he is so overrated why is it at the first practice of training camp MB told the team the ONLY person to have a guarenteed spot on the roster is Nick Setta

I would say that he is. When he wants to kick it deep, he does. But how many times has he intentionally kicked it short to keep it away from dangerous returners? (Even placing several of those kicks in a "dead zone" where we almost recovered it.) That's not his call.

I would agree with that this year, but his kickoffs have been the same year-in-year-out. Our coverage makes his kickoffs look superb. If he had one area to work on, it would be booming those kickoffs. Now I would LOVE to see a "Net Kickoff" stat. I'm sure he'd be near the top of that one.

I agree that Zetta guys is Banana's...Setta on the other hand is awesome!!! :lol:

Nick Setta, IMO, is the most valuavle player on the team!

Jamie Boreham showed us exactly what can happen if you don't have a great kicker. I've never seen anyone else miss so many FG's from 20 yards in my life! He was junk. Setta is like a Football Saint! Saving the Ticats from certain death.

Besides... Setta does both duties and he does them both WELL. He's no sunshine girl like Calgary's Sandro Deangelis (spelling?) that gets to concentrate on just ONE job.

Go away troll.

i don't think your going 2 hear alot of people agreeing w/ you about Setta..

Setta is one of the most consistent kickers in the league..i am glad we have him in Hamilton!!!

What the hell is a zetta??

"Zetta (symbol Z) is a prefix in the International System of Units (SI) denoting a factor of 10(to the power of 21) or 1000000000000000000000.

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e.g. "Gary, your zetta-fee for relocation is absurd!" :wink:

"over rated" is actually one word. Just another flaw in oopsie's argument.

Let`s “Zet” the record straight. Setta is an awesome Kicker/Punter!! :smiley:

Maybe he meant to say …“zeta”…is overrated as in Catherine “Zeta” Jones? Yes she is

Nick Setta is one of the most conscientious kickers ever to play in this league. His record speaks for itself.
Jaybird 4, on the other hand, is so careless he can't even spell Setta's name correctly. And he has the gall to deem that Nick is over-rated? :roll:
Somebody please close this thread ASAP. It's an insult to Nick and an embarrassment to the team.

8) I'll disagree with you on that !!!! :wink: