ZERO changes to O and D Lines over the bye week????

What did you expect Obie to do. Bring in a whole new line in the bye week and teach them the play book?

Someone already mentioned that he signed Tory Collins to the D-line. Maybe the talent that he evaluated wasn't good enough to help us.

You know, not everyone that comes in from somewhere else is better than the guys we have here now. There are no saviours. Haven't we learned that by now?

Obie's been tweaking the D-line - we have a very good tackle in Darrell Adams and I like Cornelius Anthony and Terrence Patrick's play so far. Hopefully Collins will prove to be worth something. Still don't have the right mix or a go-to starting group yet but he is making changes when and only when they are helpful.

Final NFL Cuts are being made today, so i guess we'll see a few Lineman (on both sides of the ball) being brought in over the next couple weeks.

Cofield signed with Memphis in the US expansion, Motton did aswell iirc.
Tor. signed Cofield after the amercian teams folded in 95
On way to Argo training camp he broke his neck in a car crash with Adrion Smith(?). Could never rehab back to playing.