ZERO changes to O and D Lines over the bye week????

These are very weak areas of our team that pathetic Winnipeg exploited, and no changes??

Obie, what are they paying you for??

You don't change for the sake of changing.

I'm sure he's waiting to make sure that any such changes are actual improvements.

Obie knows what he's doing.

ya I wa hoping for some changes but not really a surprise as we did’nt even fire Taffe yet either ( ya I know different thread) Hopefully someone in the organization gets their head on straight and makes some moves to make us better.

I agree - we need a quality rush end and 2 quality guards. What happened to Obies trip to Indy ???????

the real NFL cuts didnt come till today, and more will come on....Saturday i think?

i wouldnt be surprised if we pick up a few people within the next week from todays cuts.

:o luke petigout still hasnt been picked up...i'd like to see us get him.

question... I remember players used to be brought in on 5-day trials. Does that still exist? or do you have to make a roster move right away to bring a new guy in?

No The Practice Roster is Expanded
I Believe it gose from 6 to 12 for 3 Weeks
it then must Return to 6 after those 3 Weeks

This how we got Marko last year

Thanks for the info :thup:

Luke Pettigout has no knee cartillage left and has suffered concussion problems...he is done like dinner...painful for me to say since I ALWAYS like to see Notre Dame players on the roster

How are NFL cuts going to help the Oline? What NI capable of starting are going to play other positions?

Looking to see if Sask had any NI, OL,s to trade for ,But it doesnt say there ratio status on the riders site? I agree the Line problem is a ratio issue , need more NI,s on OL, And take a look at NFl cap cuts for the DL. sorry to say but it cant hurt.

You guys drafted some good OL prospects in the last few years that are startingto come into their own. The injuries to Gagne-Marcoux and Hudson - 2 starting NI guards has been devastating. But, they've still had some good games at times.
I'm much more worried about the pressure that your D-line isn't getting. I think the best game foryour d-line was with the 4 you have now - Lewis-Patrick-Adams-Mckay.
Some beef in the middle I think would make the most difference. Get someone that forces a double team and clogs up the run lane. That will free up your ends to make some plays off the outside and contain the run.

6’2, 285-pound defensive tackle Tory Collins on Practice Roster now.
See and 1st message...

From Chicago Bears camp.

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Tory Collins attended Northwestern State in Louisana. He earned all-american honours twice in his collegiate career. In 45 career games he earned 186 tackles, 33 tackles for loss and 6.5 sacks.

i dont think he ever played in an NFL game (regular season) has a little scouting report on him talking about his positives and negatives

right here: ... 18822.html

On Saturday, August 30, we will see the cutdowns from preseason beginning to have a league-wide impact in the NFL. The next week will have a big impact on making an accurate off-the-cuff assessment as to which GM is making the most immediate impact on positively adding to his team.

The next two weeks -- including the last round of cuts -- will determine in large part how Obie and Rambo et al will tweak the 2008 Cats into a more snarling squad. Emphasis on the word "tweak!" :wink:

If Giguere resurfaces after a Colts cut, I think Obie's job of selling the scouting effort will be a heck of a lot easier. The kid is a no-brainer in this league barring injury and time.

Oski Wee Wee,

Eagle - Ask and you shall receive. Let's hope this guy is a Tim Cofield - Cameron Wake clone.

Not sure if you can remember Cofield - he was one all business get it done sort of player. Glad to see Obie is looking for some replacements to get the job done.

Cofield was a meteoric presence on the Ticat defence indeed. Had he stayed longer, who knows how his impact would have been in Tigertown. Whenever CFL Classics on ESPN Classic plays a Cofield game, it's a pleasure to catch a glimpse at a Tabbie star.

LB John Motton was another force on the early 90s Cats that newer fans should look out for when those vintage telecasts are replayed.

Oski Wee Wee,

Absolutely correct. John Motton was a monster in the middle - good run stuffer and great intermediate pass protector. Cofield was strictly buisness - I sat in Box J more many years and watched Tim sit at the far east of the sidelines all by himeslf with this scarey I'm going to mash these guys look on his face. Not much of a socializer with his team mates - however, a true force to be reckin with. Great memories watching both of those guys.

I always assumed Cofield knew a good pharmacy somewhere.

SO - whatever happened to these guys, anyways?

Please refresh my memory - it is getting rather stale of late.

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