Zelkovich Article: Rogers Pushing Bills, Not Argos

This article by Chris Zelkovich in the Toronto Star reports that Rogers Communications, owner of Rogers Centre, have installed a huge mural of Buffalo Bills quarterback Trent Edwards to promote their annual NFL game(s) in Toronto, but they continue to ignore their long-time tenant, the Toronto Argonauts. Considering that Rogers Communications has made most of its vast fortune in Canada, it would be appropriate for them to also show some respect for CFL fans and Argos fans.


What a dilema. I like the Bill's, and hate the Argo's, but at the same time the NFL could put the finishing blow into the CFL. :? Gotta say though, I'm looking forward to seeing T.O. in T.O.

When does a cable company step over its ctrc bounds. ???????????? Argo,s now have no other viable venue in Toronto, the 7 billion $$$ empire that Rogers,somehow built from a cable company is quite ready to ship a few Billion $$$ Stateside weather it kills the argo,s or not, they may succeed , but the CFL will go on without porkbarell town. Why Cant those stuck up nfl wannabees see the cfl is Canadas major football league, established as such Long ago. ??

Its not Rogers job to promote the Argos.. its their owners. Rogers purchased the Bills series for their building and are promoting it.

I dont see a problem here.

Now, if they refused to allow the Argo owners to put a similar mural up, theres an argument.

I for one do see a problem here. Sure, Rogers is footing the bill for the Bills games (no pun intended). But they are also making money from the Argos. Driving along the Gardiner, all you see are a bunch of Jays players and a Bills player on those huge dome panels. You wouldn't even know that the Argos play their home games there. It's just another snub of the Argos/CFL by Rogers.

I've been ticked off about this for months.

An Argo-Cat fan

They may as well just fly the Stars and Stripes over the Rogers Centre.
All Rogers wants to do is make a fast buck off American sports.
The sooner the Blue team moves out of there the better.
If the CFL needs the place for a Grey Cup game they should demand in the contract that only CFL players and teams be displayed.

Well I wouldn't go as far as saying "only" CFL players. My idea though, have one iconic player from each team's mural up there for the grey cup. Ex. Hamilton: Prechae Rodriguez Edmonton- Ricky Ray Montreal Anthony Calvillo Saskatchewan- Wes Cates Toronto- Arland Bruce III Winnepeg- Joe Smith Calgary- Henry Burris BC- Geroy Simon.

I dont see the Argos owners asking for advertising on the Rogers Centre do you?

They're a TENANT of the building.

Rogers is running a business not handing out free advertising to owners that apparently have the money to go put bids in on a Phoenix NHL team but dont seem to be interested in paying for advertising on the building they play in.

If the CFL wants to be considered big league in Toronto its up to their owners to create that image, not Rogers to give handouts.

Just to add a couple other points here...

Clearly the CFL has not been affected by this NFL deal in TO. So why does a mural matter?

The same people that always say "cant we be fans of both" are the same that are getting upset over this NFL deal.

The attitude of "poor old CFL, we're getting overlooked" is tiresome. The league is doing well, most/if not all teams are doing well and the CFL seems to be thriving, so why CANT there be room for some extra football action in Toronto?

I went to both Bills games and enjoyed myself at both. I prefer the CFL but cant understand why some people get so damn territorial about it.

We should be happy that the NBA, MLB and other leagues have come to Canada... now the biggest one of them all comes into town and we want it to go away? As long as it doesnt kill the CFL (and there has been ZERO indication that it will) why cant be appreciate ALL sports in TO? Not just the ones we choose.

That's a great attitude!

Sort of my attitude as well Crash. The Bills in Toronto is now part of what is happening. Rogers wants to compete with MLSE for the sports market in Toronto and they would like an NFL team, well, makes sense to me. I won't be supporting it personally because I don't care about the NFL in Toronto and my available sports money goes for seasons tickets for the Cats. But Rogers has the right to do what they want, yes, they don't own the Argos, just rent their stadium to them. Wish the NFL thingy in Toronto wasn't here but nothing I can do about it.

I tend to agree -- but I also see this as Rogers pulling out all the stops in a desperate attempt to sell tickets. Meaning, I think this ship is sinking...again.

I think Rogers is going to be blowing wads of cash on trying to sell this game. Because if last year was difficult, this year is going to be a real moutain-climb.

The best case for Rogers is that the Bills come flying out of the gate and Buffalo fans get over their hate for this initiative and buy up some tickets.

According to a report on the Toronto Star website, the Blue Jays released relief pitcher B.J. Ryan today.


Ryan happens to be depicted on one of the three giant-sized banners hanging at the front of the Rogers Centre:


Now is the time for Argo owners Cynamon and Sokolowski to push for a banner of one of their players to replace the Ryan banner. They could move the Cito Gaston banner to the middle, add a Kerry Joseph banner on the left side and shift the Trent Edwards banner to the right side.

FYI, Ryan who was released by the Jays will get $15 million next season to sit at home if that's what he chooses to do. That's about 1/3 of a CFL team's entire salary budget!!!


An Argo-Cat fan

Insanity yes but the type of insanity MLB loves, while they prefer single individual owners I'm sure, they'll take a corporate company like Rogers anytime because they have deep, deep wallets to pay the bills, no pun intended, and make everything look hunky dory and "major league."