Zelkovich Article: Argos Not Interested in Pierce

According to this article titled "Argos cast wide net in search for quarterbacks" by Chris Zelkovich on the Toronto Star website tonight, a source has told him that the B.C. Lions will release quarterback Buck Pierce this week but the Toronto Argonauts are not interested in signing him due to his history of concussions and shoulder problems.

The story also indicates that Argos' head coach Jim Barker wants the team to acquire third-string quarterback Drew Tate from the Stampeders, that they will also look at several quarterbacks in free agent camps including an Arizona minor league quarterback/former linebacker named Chris Malleo, and that Alouettes' head coach Marc Trestman wants Adrian McPherson to stay with the Als as the heir apparent to Anthony Calvillo when he decides to retire.

[url=http://www.thestar.com/sports/football/article/773581--argos-cast-net-wide-in-search-for-quarterbacks]http://www.thestar.com/sports/football/ ... arterbacks[/url]

If the Bombers don't pick him up, Pierce is done in the CFL.

I really cant see why even the bombers would take him. By playing, Pierce only endangers himself. I wouldnt want to be him when he gets older...

In that case, I can't wait to play the Argos this year!

Shivers and Tisdale are gunna have a field day with the new Argo's QB's :smiley:

No way the Argos are going into a season with a 3rd stringer and undrafted free agents from minor leagues or tryout camps. They must have someone they are looking at, you don't release all of your starting (?) QBs unless you have something up your sleeve. Imagine trying to sell season tickets between now and training camp if that is all you have to offer.

What can they possibly have up their sleve? This is the Argo's we're talking about. The Argo's want to go with unproven guys to start a season then they can have fun and go nuts, it's never worked for anyone else before I guess they think they're special just like Winnipeg.

This article today by Lowell Ulrich of The Province reports that B.C. Lions general manager and head coach Wally Buono has had no takers for Buck Pierce and might release him if he cannot make a deal by the conclusion of the CFL Congress this week. A few other interesting tidbits in the article are that Zeke Moreno is apparently looking to compete for an NFL job as a long snapper, the Lions have been talking with important offensive linemen Dan Goodspeed and Cliff Washburn, and the Argos may be interested in acquiring Lions' quarterback Jarious Jackson.

[url=http://www.theprovince.com/sports/passing+Buck/2630437/story.html]http://www.theprovince.com/sports/passi ... story.html[/url]

I don't believe for a second that the Argos are not interested in who ever the Lions will release, either Buck or Jarius.
The status quo is not acceptable.

That was an interesting article. Thanks for posting that. But I think you meant to say that those two offensive linemen were import linemen. But they may be important if BC wants them. :wink:

Anyway, after hearing about how Pierce might be released and that the blue team was not interested in picking him up, I thought we might not need to worry about the league having to look into anything going on between the two teams Braley owns. But since BC currently has five QBs on their roster, and the blue team has zero on theirs, I can see Jackson going from one Braley-owned team to the other. And if Pierce is getting released, then I think we can be quite sure that Printers is not going anywhere.

Jackson will be 33 years of age this season and has been a backup throughout much of his CFL career. I can see him getting released and then picked up by Braley's other team. And I know I'd rather see Jackson there than Printers. :slight_smile:

Two years ago it was CLEAR Dave Dickenson needed to retire and Calgary went ahead and signed him and he got hurt again. At the time I got shalacked in this forum by Dickenson supporters claiming it is up to the player and his doctor to decide blah blah blah.

CFL and the Union have shown ZERO importance regarding brain injuries, even while it made its way trough the US legislation. It is serious and real but here they will keep ignoring it till who knows probably a death on the field.

I think Edmonton could use him also. Ray is the only real talent they have at QB and they could use some veteran depth.

He could easily play a few more years but if he does I'm sure most of it will be as a 2nd guy.

Edmonton has Maas and that kid whose last name starts with Z who they are really high on. They don't need Pierce. Neither does any other team in the CFL other than Winnipeg or Toronto. All of the other clubs have definite #2's at QB who they are grooming to take over.

I would take Pierce over Maas any day of the week.

Not the kid who's name who starts with a Z lol.

I dont like any of Edmonton's qb's, Ray included, he has a pretty weak arm and is too slow in reading a defence.

I didn't know there were any Dickenson supporters on this board. That must have been the only time they surfaced.

I wonder why guys like Dickenson, Pierce and Dunigan got concussions every year, and a guy like Damon Allen - who ran just as much - played in front of his grandkids. Maybe he had a harder head?

I see that Malleo hails from the Copper Football League.


As a fan of the other CFL, I don't like it when people denigrate my league as being second-rate. But ... really? The Copper Football League??

For some reason that makes me think of the all-guard team in The Longest Yard -- and Burt Reynolds hurling a pass into the one guy's nether regions on successive plays.

Sure they will.....

Huh? How can you compare them? Allen ran with intelligence, the other guys were reckless with their bodies, the guy I'm most surprised at for lasting so long is Jeff Garcia. Then there is a guy like Aikman who retired due to concussions despite playing behind the best line in the history of football for most of his career.

i think Pierce in Edmonton would be complimentary as a back-up.It's just his injuries that hurt him; i remember a couple of years ago he had so much potential.I'm biased though; i was always a bit a of a fan of Buck.

and there is no way that's all the A's are going into training camp w/ are guys like FA's from minor league teams at the QB spot.If so? I look forward to seeing Toronto on the field .It might not be Pierce but Jackson is a good suggestion.