zekes shirt

guess he must be bitter to wear that "traded for a first round draft pick, really?" tshirt.

classy guy.

Glad he's gone now.

He did nothing tonight.

I guess he was hoping for a big play to show it off but I didnt see it other than through his jersey.

Just like I said, not that good, i really didnt notice him at all tonite, get used to that Bomber fans

well, not noticing him and holding our great running game from breaking any are sorta the same thing. MLB arent always noticed when teams run away or give up.

8) I am sure that he is happy to be out of here, but he shows no class to do something like that at all !!!
He should just be content that he is no longer a TiCat, and leave it at that  !!!  I have lost all respect for him after a stunt like that  !!

What stunt did he pull