This is one fine MLB we need to hang onto this guy. :thup:

I agree. Just wonder who we will trade to "make room"

Not Zeke...he's a "franchise player"

Couldn't we just make some coaching changes?

that would work too. I know when they announce they lock up zeke some other great player will be traded for nothing to find the money to pay zeke..

This guy is to good to be a Boatman or Sask this man is a real Tiger Cat.

He reminds me of Zambiasi. Doesn't take guys heads off like Ben, but has a great sense of the game and where to be. Great to seem him get in on a sack tonight.

Zeke, played a hell of a game tonight. Absolutely, deserved warrior of the game. Its a shame we couldnt pull this win out.

If Moreno doesn't win defensive player of the year, this league is a joke.

Have to agree with you ..

This guy should be be CFL defensive player of the year!

Don't think so, I think Fred Perry in Saskatchewan will take that particular honour, could be wrong....

But Zeke has to be a lock for rookie of the year.

They should make Zeke the 'franchise' defensive player. His check and length of contract should reflect that.

Who was the last dominate MLB the cats had? Zambiasi?

Tiggle and I hate to say it but O'Shea

Moreno doesn't qualify as a rookie.

Hands down Defensive Player of the Year though.

That probably counts as setting expectations a little too high given that he played on the league's worst-ranked defence.

The more interesting question for me will be whether the voters give Moreno the nod over B Simpson for eastern all-star at MLB.

Never thought I'd say this, but me too. :wink: