Zeke trade

As I’ve said all year the biggest thing for this team is obviously to get some good canadian tallent on the O-Line. That pick from Winnipeg might be what we need.

I was at the game last night and it sucked…oh it sucked…but I hope people don’t quit on this team.

I love this team!!! Ask anyone sitting near or around the 50 yard line at BC place on saturday night.

I’ll be there again next year to watch my Cats when they’re in town and I’m willing to give this GM at least 2 years to put a team together. There is no quick fix for this but if OB hits on these draft picks this might just turn into a winning team.

Go Cats!

8) As far as the Zeke trade goes, Ted Micheals said on the 5th quarter after the game Sat., and I quote "We Got Fleeced On That Deal" (end quote)
   I imagine that that is what most CFL executives think also  !!!        <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

   At least Marcel D. got warm bodies in return with his trades, not great ones, but bodies just the same  !!!       <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Here is a man who truly loves his team,

unlike many of us whose familarity
with the team breeds contempt.

He cherishes seeing them in person.

There is no doubt that he is disappointed

but he feels no sense of entitlement
for more than what the team can offer

and he, like myself, accepts them
for what they are and will become.

I saw a 'Men At Work' sign on Jarvis St.
and the lights were still on late at night.

Tipper, Ted is lucky his eyebrows are an inferior quality fleece
or Winnipeg would have shorn his eyebrows off of him, too.

I have met CFL executives, Tipper,
and Ted Michaels is no CFL executive.

Any CFL executive with an ounce of integrity admires Obie
for making the best of truly unfortunate circumstances.

I think if any CFL exec wanted Zeke that badly they would have stepped in and tried to get him when the original trade broke down.


       The Moreno deal may have backfired but Obie is still a canny old devil. He is a chess player and is always thinking ahead so I expect all this mess will be forgotten by next season.
       I think Obie is about the only one in the this organization (other than Bob) who instills any sort of confidence for the future.

Come on Ron, you have fot to be kidding me. Making the best of a truly bad situation?? Any CFL exec with an ounce of brains realizes that O’Billovich was taken to the cleaners on this one. Tipper is dead right. Fleeced is not even a strong enough word. DJD made some awful trades, but at the very least he could say he got something in return and in some cases it was a player who could have addressed a pressing need at the time. He was awful.but O’Billovich is no better.

I love my team too and I will continue to support them no matter what, but that doesn’t mean that people get a free ride when they make a terrible mistake. I’m frustrated and my decision to voice that frustration doesn’t mean I love my team any more or less than anyone else.

Obie fleeced on this one? With his experience? I don’t know but I hardly doubt it albeit it might look like that up front at this time.

Tina I have said before that I would have called Zeke at the hotel room
he was holed up in in Winnipeg all day to come home if I was G.M.

since then I read an article a Winnipeg sports reporter wrote
saying that Zeke had the Winnipeg playbook and was reading it.

From an ethical point of view the right thing to do
is to go through with the trading of Zeke Moreno.

From a practical standpoint, with only 7 G.Ms to deal with
is it better to maintain good relations with all of them.


Taman didn't pull the wool over Obie's eyes

He and Taman, under the watchful eye of the CFL head office,
could not come up with a suitable match for Tom Canada
or even a suitable starter of lesser value and a draft pick.

I know you wouldn't be happy if Obie accepted spare parts.

The next best thing was a 1st round pick and the rights
to a previous year's 1st round Winnipeg draft pick.

How long does Obie have to turn this team around?

It seems that if we do not get results right away, we fire people. Look at the coaching and GM situation since Bob took over.

I just want to see some consistency from year to year. That's all I ask.

I have been a season ticket holder for 3 years and I have already seen 4 coaches.

06 - Marshall / Lancaster
07 - Taffe
08 - Taffe / Bellfool

And you can already say that in 09 we will have another head coach. If Chuck wasn't the right guy for the job then get rid of him but I don't think that move is moving us ahead.

The Zeke trade is something we got totally fleeced on. Mace won't be available until at least next September and our draft history is actually pretty terrible.

I was reviewing our draft history last nite and we have never been good at the draft. I don't think building through the draft is the way to go anymore. I don't feel that the CIS can produce enough good players for the CFL and any Canadian playing in the NCAA is going to try and get on an NFL team.

So, you draft a CIS kid to sit on the sidelines for a year or two (Bekasiak/Glavic) and hope that they might be a starter after a few years. The best these guys usually do is spot duty and special teams.

Why do you think Montreal didn't care when they lost a draft pick? Cuz it means nothing to them. They have a great GM in Popp and a good assistant in MDJD that they can find talent, American and Canadian, every year to fill in their gaps.

MTL went 8-10 last year and was considered an off year. 8 wins for us and we must be in heaven.

Point is, the Zeke trade sucked because our draft pick will sit on the bench most of next year and Mace will probably be one of the last cuts for the Bills next year.