Zeke on Doug Brown's show last night

A fan asked: "What is the problem in Hamilton?"

Zeke said:

"Its a tough situation"

"Last year we had a DC who had no CFL experience"

"Man...I don't want to say anything negative about anyone"

"Its tough, Everyday, everyone is worried about their job and not just the players"

On the call from Obilovich:

"It took me a while. I was sure Bob was joking around with me"

Pure class, a huge loss IMO for the team. He says he's starting to feel confortable and apreciates the more conventianal use of linebackers in Winnipeg. But you can tell its bittersweet for him.

This is all bad news for Hamilton. I can understand that when things aren't going well but at this point it will be very hard to convince anyone "employable" to want to play or coach for the Ticats.

Bob's going to have to pull a rabbit out of his Fedora. He might want to consider getting a minority partner that is interested in having a bit of a hands on and can bring credibility to his organisation.

Those who want to hear Zeke's appearance can do so by selecting monday's 8pm show at www.cjob.com and going to shows and clicking the audio vault.

Moreno will be in our backfield all night Friday.

If things go bad for the Ti-Cats early on, I expect to see our own fans cheering on Zeke if he rips into us during the game with big plays.

From what I am reading no one understands this trade at all. Comments out of Montreal are that he should have pulled the plug on the deal the minute Canada was a no go.

He caught a break with the spleen thing and still went full steam ahead. Making this look like a salary dump.

Wow, go on vacation and don't have access to all the sports I wished and see Zeke traded and Canada can't come here. Guess I'll have to read more to understand WTF is going on around here. :?

You sure you want to do that?

True enough Hf.

On TSN this morning it was reported that Zeke was sitting in Doug Berry's office, reviewing the Blue Bombers playbook when he heard that Tom Canada wasn't going to go and that the deal was going to be off.

He said that he is now a Winnipeg Blue Bomber and was not going to be traded back.

Who could blame him for that??

It's still a complete joke and we got the very very very short end of the stick AGAIN.

Earl, I've been reading for days and I still don't understand what's going on around here.

Well that wasn't his decision and you can't be traded back when a deal falls through. But no can't blame him. But he did not ask for the trade and he wasn't in conflict with his defensive coordinator, not that he knew of anywyay.

We should start a support group.

Maybe bob didnt want to pay to fly zeke back? in that case they coulda left him there and asked the bombers to bring him back friday!

Everybody shut up. Anthony has adequately replaced Moreno and we'll get a Canadian starter with the Bombers' first round pick in the draft next year. Plus, we'll get Mace soon when the Bills cut him loose. Will Moreno be playing as long as Mace and the guy we take with the draft pick? No.

Who are you to tell us to shut up?? Take a little of your own advice. I'm sick and tired of maybes. Maybe the draft pick will go for nothing because maybe we'll use it to pick someone who makes an NFL team practice roster like we did this year or maybe our first round pick will get hurt like he did this year. Maybe some of us are sick and tired of giving away talented players for nothing. We might NEVER see Mace and our draft pick could be a bust again and then Moreno would be playing longer than either of them. While Anthony did an adequate job, he is no Moreno and why the hell couldn't we have had both of them??

Are you suggesting this was a good trade for the Cats, or just that it could still turn out not to be all bad?

Lost in the big freak out was why Moreno was even being shopped in the first place.Why should anyone on the league's last place defense be off limits?

I thought it was about money but it apears Obie had alot of concerns about his speed.

Clearly he's lost a step which isnt always a liability against the rush but the defense has been killed by the pass in his area for two years running.

He's just not built for pass defense and that is a huge part of the CFL. So why not opt for someone with more speed and versatility?

Certainly what WPG gave up is an open question but there were extenuating circumstances.
WPG win s this in the short term no doubt but Moreno turns 31 next year and will still expect to be paid as an all star.

On the surface it might suck but it just might be addition by subtraction.

If it makes the defense worse how could anyone really tell?

Is there any trade that O'Billovich could make that would upset you?? Besides a Printers trade of course.

This trade is equally as bad as (or worse than) the Flick trade and people continue to defend it while still lamenting the Flick trade.

If 7 tackles is losing a step, I'll take it. He leads the league in tackles and he still has a LOT of football left in him.

To be honest I was ticked at the timing, and still am, and the fact it was with WPG.

But there's the rub isnt it? Seperating fan emotion from a calculated football/business move by people who do it for a living .

GMs cant think like fans. If they did we could have Kevin Eakin or Marcus Brady right now to build a team around.

IMO if Flick was still here with the state of the offense at it is his output would be roughly the same as Miles' or Woodcocks.

He wouldnt be able to fully exploit his speed as Printers etc. would either be on his back or scrambling for his life by the time Flick got open.

That sideline article on the main page has an interesting take on the trade (obviously a team view point but still interesting).

Sometimes one player is better than another but just doesn't fit system. We weren't any worse without him if you ask me.

Obie has won his share of trades before the Moreno one...so I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.