Zeke Officially traded for Draft Picks and Future Consids

Wow Fleeced again. starting to really hate this club.

I've pretty much had enough of this club, which is truly sad as i've supported them for 28 years through bad times & good and have now been turned off them, sick of excuses, rebuilding years, trading away decent players for nothing, sick of having the 1st overall pick in the CANADIAN draft and not having the scouts to recognize talent. Sick of Hamilton's luck.

WOW Basically traded for a bag of footballs.

What is wrong with this organization!!!!! What is next, Jessie to Saskatchewan for a bag of wheat!


Link? Source please.

actually Winnipegs 1st roun dpick is much better than Canada. We willpotentially have the 1st and 2nd pick overall next year. if we keep both those picks and draft some solid Canadian lineman we have a great start on true rebuilding......with Bauman, Barker, Lumsden (hoping we can convince him to stay) and 1st 2 picks next year what a solid base for a team with canadian content

As long (and this is the key) the team can stick to rebuilding and understand there will be more losses but be patient with coaching and core players we will have a brighter future. Where was Moreno going to take us in the next few years...

[url=http://www.900chml.com/Channels/Reg/TicatHeadlines/Story.aspx?ID=1025361]http://www.900chml.com/Channels/Reg/Tic ... ID=1025361[/url]

won't happen this leagues a joke. TOP CFL PERSONEL are afraid to get on anyone's "dark side"


We don't want Jessie in riderville. To dam injury prone. You did get taken in the trade though. How long are they going to build for next year. Have a protest at the stadium. Fans start a movement of your own. Go to the game, stay outside in protest for the 1st quarter. Show your dipleasure.

I thought we were trading Moreno for help for this year's playoff run?

It's great that we got a first round draft choice, but that won't help us now. Our pass rush will still stink.

only positives from this is maybe just maybe will trade our 1st round picks for a GO TO RECEIVER and A COUPLE OF STARTERS ON D

Also Winnipeg Free Press

[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/breakingnews/story/4223636p-4861087c.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/breaki ... 1087c.html[/url]

Nothing for Something! I didn't understand the trade in the first place, but at least we were going to get an experienced player in return, now I am just stunned.

forget about NI talent for one year and get some proven game breaking quality Imp players.

Next years draft picks are not as stong as in previous years.

I always look for the silver lining...always think as much as I hate a trade it must be for the better good of the club

Failing to see it here (yet)

If they are playing for a playoff spot why drop a strong player for nothing that will possibly help us until NEXT year..

Man I need a Beer..

Pure speculation on my part, but this sounds like a player-demanded move. My theory is that Zeke either protested Charlie's dismissal or can't stand Bellifeulle. This all happened too quickly. You don't offer your best defensive player for an injured nutcase or draft picks unless forced to.

I think you are right...or it's a salary dump.

i think we are set at WR to be honest with you, we need oline and dline help, i have been saying this all year

for a team 4 pts out of a playoff spot, i like that we are helping our competition who we still have to play more games against this year.

look at how well our first round draft picks worked out this year for us, 1 is hurt for the entire year and the other is on a practice roster in the nfl

draft picks aren't going to help us for 2-3 years down the road

i want to win now, event though this is only my 3rd year as a season ticket holder, i'm sick of the losing here, we are more competitive this year than the previous years but still i want wins, pretty or ugly. i don't want 25% off my tickets next year

Bob young doesn't have to worry about losing too much money cuz they will jack up the price of tickets again next year to counterbalance the loss and then half of the current season ticket holders will not renew

we should play 1 game at home all year, the labour day game and then play the other 17 on the road

i'm just very very very frustrated right now, we trade a consistent player for nothing, absolutely nothing, a draft pick and a practice roster player, ridiculous

i want help now, give us walls or haywood or brown, i don't care, this is a stupid move

if canada was healthy and willing to come here, it would have been better. but we would still have no pass rush. all other teams would just roll their full back to the side where canada was and double team him on every play. hey look, i could be an offensive coordinator in this league if i played the cats


WOW....just WOW

horrible trade....im tired of draft picks


There's something really fishy about this deal. Canada just found out he has an enlarged spleen? So now the Bombers get to keep him AND get starting MLB Moreno too. Screw draft picks--they're a crapshoot, even high picks.

Obie got fleeced big time!!! This is a lousy deal.

An Argo-Cat fan