Zeke Morreno

I watched the Winterpeg game last night and noticed Barron Simpson at MLB. What happened to the
coveted " Zeke Morreno ". Has Zeke become expendable with Simpson in the middle ?

He was traded to the Argos in February.

8) Ohh, yes !!! The coveted one (as you call him), Zeke was traded during the off season to the Argos !!! Where have you been???
 You should be able to see him playing with the Argos right now on TSN against Regina  !!!!

Obviously I have been in the dark. Thanks for the clarrification.

In your armchair, in the dark. Kinda sad picture. :slight_smile:

Give it up bigmouth - NO one is perfect!!!!!!!!

There is no need for unconstructive comments like that on this site Mark. It serves no purpose.

Is this actually the comment you 2 are tripping about?

It's just a little joke. That's what a smiley face means.

Yes let's keep things friendly.

Hey…cut people some slack eh. I watched the Argos game today and it took me 5 minutes to remember that Prefontaine doesn’t play for them anymore. Yikes!!! I suddenly wondered if this is what Alzheimers is like. 5 MINUTES!!!

Argos lost was the main thing :smiley: