Zeke Moreno

Cool, thanks! That did turn out well! Then the raging that I seem to remember was trading our allstar, tackle leader for a guy who had no intention of reporting to a CFL team.

named Tom Canada.

He definitely expressed his intention not to report to the Tiger Cats
but I am sure he didn't intend to discover that he had ruptured spleen

when he left the Winnipeg locker room with his belongings.

if that hadn't happened, it's naive to think that he wouldn't have reported.

Players soon give their heads a shake and settle down,
when it hits them their paychecks depend on reporting.

Good point ron. . . when Maas was picked up by Montreal after the Cats cut him loose, he too made noises about not reporting there. . . but he did, after sober second thought, and likely for the very reason you cite.