Zeke Moreno

Did anyone see Zeke Moreno get waxed by the Calgary receiver last night? Wow what a snot tickler!

We saw it.

Zeke? LMAO

It has to be block of the year thus far.

Oski Wee Wee,


Wow what a hit! , and he came back into the game. Tough player for sure.

anybody link me to the hit, i missed it!

Here you go:


Normally its my girlfriend telling me this but WOW that was fast! thanks!

Yeah that was Nik Lewis. Probably the dirtiest player in the CFL and an all round jerk.

Rob Murphy. LOL :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

I don't think that was to bad, he was protecting his QB, and made for a complete pass. IV never seen him be dirty or what not. So overall I have no say weather he is or not. Just saying that wasn't dirty IMO

I did note rob's dirty play. I guess he is sick of beaing burned so he plays dirty now! He smashed guys to the ground after they are WELL out of the play! Oneday he will do it to the wrong DE and endup with a busted knee

I wasn't referencing that specific hit. Overall the guy is a clown and takes great pleasure in ending guys' careers. You should check out his website sometime if you want to see a true egomaniac.

Dumb comment on a clean hit

Whatever, buddy. Just because that was a clean hit, doesn't mean he isn't a dirty player. Maybe you should have read my later post before beaking off.

Still a dumb comment, ragging on a guy when he makes a good play. It only proves you aren't willing to look at things objectively and makes your opinion worthless

BG is one of the most level headed contributors to this forum. Perhaps you should take a dose of your own medicine. An attitude like yours is more fitting on www.ticatfans.com than here.

bottom lineā€¦that was a beautiful block!!! lite him up!!!

Your cheap shot doesn't trump his Ock!

Sorry...both were uncalled for.

Still a dumb comment and not worthy of any level headed poster. Sorry