Zeke Moreno

Zeke just forced a turnover for the Bombers.

I can hear it already.....

Eastern defensive player of the year nominee - Zeke Moreno!

Way to go Obie.


We won't know that until we see Anthony play MLB and see what happens with Corey Mace and the first round pick.

OMG Zeke forced a turnover! How will we ever win another game ever. lol

All I know is that I NEVER want to hear another word about a bad Desjardins trade after this pathetic attempt at a trade.

8) Them's are fighting words BG !! :wink:
  But I have to agree with you  !!       <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

he caused a turnover!?
he must be the best MLB EVER!!! :roll:
Give it up people…whats done is done!

I'm curious to know what anyone here would have done differently.
Zeke was there before they announced Canada's injury and the dink said he'd rather retire than report here anyway.
At that point what would you have done?
We needed a better pass rush, which Canada would have brought and fans were demanding something be done. Just because we don't like the price we had to pay it doesn't make the attempted deal bad.
Winnipeg initiated the talks, Winnipeg mis-lead us about Canada's status and Winnipeg obviously didn't offer squat that would address our current needs after screwing up the whole deal in an underhanded way.
OB can't just cancel a trade contract that's been signed and Winnipeg shouldn't have been allowed to do what they did either.
We lost a good player yes, but damn everyones blaming our team and ignoring the fact that that's exactly the way Winnipeg set it up.
IMO the only thing OB did wrong in this deal was Trust Taman and Canada to deal like honest men and abide by a contract.
The only explanation I'd like is from the league as to wtf kind of trade contracts we have that leave any openings for this kind of crap.

Befor Sending Zeke
I Would have Wanted To Speak to Canada and His Agent.
Make Sure He wants to Come Here and He is Healthy.
That is Common Sense

I would Not pull the Trigger till I Spoke to Canada 1st.
Oh by way he was afree Agent this Year
why did not go after him then ?
Odd how not in our Plans then he was then he is not

Why? No one speaks to a player or his agent during trades, they have no say in it unless they have a no-trade clause in their contract.
Winnipeg didn't call Zeke and ask him if he'd come and they have no reason to have spoke to his agent.
How many times have you seen a player traded saying he didn't even know until he read it in the papers or heard ot from the media?
If a player's listed on the active roster he's considered healthy, it wasn't until after the trade was announced that Canada reprted to a hospital to get checked out.

Oh by the way, he signed a contract extension Feb/15th with Winnipeg.