Zeke Moreno ...

...I like the play of this guy....we have a great acquisition ...Zeke and Destroys' motor never stops....something the way Canada 'USED' TO PLAY... :?...also acquired Kai Ellis....the defence is looking better already....now, is there any dbs of note floating around ...Steinauer?????maybe...

I'm so disillusioned with my Ticats. This trade is awful. Nothing to do with Canada. He's a fine player (although true he's underachieving).

But Moreno is the heart and soul of our defence. In the offseason, Obie signed him through 2010, solidifying our MLB position.

You guys are getting a good guy. Treat him well and cheer for him loudly. We play Wpg twice more this year. If Moreno sacks Printers or Williams, I will let out a silent cheer for my favourite former Ticat.

I hope Canada (if he reports) can bring as much passion and effort to our team.

Berry's influence on Taman is starting to shine through.

Jettisoning the two biggest party animals on the team and replacing them with three solid ballers in Smith, Moreno and Ellis.

A good start, and maybe enough of a push in the "l-east" division to sneak into the playoffs yet, but still some work left if they want to contend again.

Great trade for Winnipeg. Not sure how this is Berry's doing but Moreno for Canada is the biggest steal since Eric Lapointe was traded to Montreal.

Refresh my memory, HfxTC.............who did we trade to get Lapointe?

He actually got traded from Hamilton to Toronto...don't remember who was involved but no one i can remember...

He left Toronto for Montreal as a FA at the end of his season in Toronto.

Hamilton traded Lapointe to Toronto to get Joe Montford back (after Montford realized what a horrible mistake he originally made).

i like this trade. moreno is the ebast that kept the ticats d together last season. and with the addition of ellis at the end position we keep an experienced end and get a stong middle linebacker. I love Canada for he is a great end but we needed a fix at linebacker after lobendahn and charlton went down and this was a good solution

Totally agree...I think we got the best possible MLB out there..

Cut loose our failed experiments Logan/Nugent. Insert Samuels already. Gawd. Bring in Steinauer. Is steinauer old?

IS the lone reason we're not starting Samuels because we can't sit our receivers out? That's my guess.

Someone answer^ please. much appreciated.


ya steinauer is getting close to the end. but if you ask me i think he still can keep up for this year and give him an option for next year. cuz right now what our secondary is lacking is a strong leader. and steinauer would be a good guy to put in there to give experience, knowledge, and leadership to our secondary. even if it was just for the end of this season

As soon as Milt gets his record next week cut him or trade him. He isn't helping your team anymore. Especially playing hurt.

stegall will never be traded from the blue bombers. hurt ot not he is still a better reciever then most in the league

Is it just me, or is it annoying to others this trendy misuse of "then" for "than" and vice versa?

Almost as annoying as using "core" instead of "corps".

Wrong! Thats just like the way your organiztion is thinking. Like the riders organization was thinking till the board cleaned house.

i'm not wrong though. the guy is a freaking god as a slotback. ya i know he is old and i agree that he pushed his career one season to far. but this is going to be his last season anyway, no one is going to trade for him. and with the youth on our recieving corps right now it is good to have him there to teach them. and he still looks good when he is one the field.

...lol MadJack....poor vocabulary....how about ...'recievers'...instead of 'receivers'...and a million times 'definitely'...spelled 'definately'(wrong)
someone will accuse us of nit-picking i guess ...but what the hey'''''i just like to get it right///unlike the Bombers of 08// :lol: