Zeke Moreno

Shouldn't he be named Zeke Zambiasi?

That says it all about how how he played aginst Calgary!
That short yardage stop over the middle was special!

Made a few mistakes.....but didn't the whole team.


He's the real deal and will only get better as the year goes on.....Like the rest of the team. Marcel said give the guys a few weeks!

Zeke Moreno is quite a find. He played Mac LB and was on almost every special team. He is around the ball ALL the time.

This kid is a player. This kid is a PLAYMAKER. Wait until he gets more game experience under his belt.

Good job in finding this exceptional talent.

He was out of position a lot.

The U.S. game is internalized in his head.

I hope he soon overcomes his instincts.

You saw the same game I did, Ron.

Zeke made some great plays but did get scorched a number of times, especially with coverage.

I know people like to reminisce and all, but there is NO comparison between Zeke and Ben for speed. None. Ben was a OLB at the start of his career and maxed out at 215 lbs. He knew how to cover backs out of the backfield and could extremely well.

Zeke has similar size and wheels to Tiggle who was excellent in coverage.

Zeke had a solid debut but some of the finer points of dealing with motion issues and recognition thereof need to be stressed.

Oski Wee Wee,

Agreed, but I still liked what I saw. This was his first real live action in the CFL. He has the athletic ability, hits hard, and showed a lot of passion. I hope and expect we will see a significant progression. I was at Ben's first game, and we didn't go home saying "wow, this guy is going to the best of the best." He flashed, just like Zeke did. Now, if the football IQ isn't there...we'll know soon enough, but I also suspect that Taffe would not have kept Zeke if the coach's hadn't seen a solid progression during training camp.

Agreed, I thought he made some great stops, but he also did get caught out of place a few times. I think he'll be fine. He definately has the skill it's just a matter of getting a handle on the different expectations in this league.

He was great. After the first quarter they made adjustments and he was spying Burris and took away his runs for the most part. This is tough to do. Sprinkle in a little enthusiasm which would come from the offense making a game of it, and he and the whole defense would have been better.

that is exactly what happened.

i think he played really well.

but im still really surprised that hitchcock got cut. Even if he is old, hes still the leader, but not no more. (I think that is why the Tiger cats defense struggled alot, along with the fact they are all really young)

That would be like the riders cutting Eddie Davis. Hes a teacher, leader, and still a top quality player.

Zeke was awesome.

Calgary ALSO made adjustments and was double teaming him in the second half. Our front 4 have to provide more support for Zeke. This is why Tiggle, and Benedict Arnold were so good in Sudsy's schemes...they sacrificed themselves to allow the MLB to move up to make tackles.

One of our few bright spots.