Zeke Moreno to the Argos

for Riall Johnson.

[url=http://tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=267722&lid=headline&lpos=topStory_main]http://tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=267722&lid= ... Story_main[/url] :thup:

You know, it's a shame to see a great player like Moreno get bounced around from team to team. Hopefully he can find some long-term success in Toronto.

The Argos are starting to look pretty good! A couple weeks ago I wouldn't have said so. But with signing Picard, Murphy and now Moreno! This team is starting to look like a contender in the East. Moreno for Johnson is clearly an upgrade. The Argos got the best of that deal.

He is a beast, I don't get why he has bounced around so much.

Glad to see Zeke has found a home.....The Bombers ain't exactly getting a bag of kicking tees for Moreno....Riall Johnson is a very good defensive end ...and a canuck...giving the Bombers a lot of wiggle room on their d.......Although i think the Argos are getting the better player...the Bombers had to replace Canada with a quality DE....Don't like the draft pic we gave away on this one.... in the end ,however the BigBlue have gotten stronger and the Argos older.... :wink:

The Bombers also have Simpson and Lobadon at ML ,who are just as good and cheaper.

Crap I was hoping the Riders would get him.

I really like Zeke and am sad to see him go to the Argos. He was my favourite player on a bad Hamilton team for 2 1/2 years. Always the hardest working guy on the field and a good leader.

That being said, the Argos will just have to replace him in a couple years anyway. He's 34 years old (or somewhere around there). The Argos new D coordinator is Ed O'Neill, who Moreno had MANY issues with when he was D Coordinator in Hamilton. If anyone saw the Labour Day rematch a couple years ago, you clearly saw it. It will be interesting to see how they interact in T.O.

And no offense to Moreno, but he was slightly overrated by the fans here in Hamilton. He was a solid player on a bad team. He was beat on quite a few plays. Noticed it when he was in winnipeg too.

Hmmmm... usually people don't think their favourite player is over-rated....?
Anyway, he will be 31 in Nov.
I do recall him having issues on the sideline, but I'll take your word on the personalities involved. Football is a game of emotion, Zeke is an intense player. He'll get over whatever it was. He'll be a good fit in TO--they like those ex--Ticat MLBs coughMike O'Sheacough.

I seem to recall a game last season when Moreno repeatedly called out his D Coordinator, telling him to coach the guys and call some plays.

Was that really Ed O'Niel? That's a terrible hire by Toronto if that's the case. That guy seemed pretty incompetent.

Ed O'Neil is NOT the D coordinator in Toronto, he's the linebackers coach.

Which, of course, puts him in close contact with Zeke.

This should be interesting.

…also reported and on Rial Johnsons’ facebook …he has said he would rather retire than report to Wpg…hmmmmm shades of the Canada/Moreno deal…In fairness, he did tone down his comments the next day and said something to the effect he was looking at the trade as ,all the Argos were doing was ‘exiling’ him from T.O…Sounds like a shakey start for Mr. Johnson in the Peg. especially since Kelly has stated he wants players who really want to be here and believe in the BigBlue…this also could be interesting… :roll: :roll:

OK, Arius since you're going to nitpick everything I say, here we go (faces and all)... :smiley:

Yes, he was my favourite player on a BAD Hamilton team (and I mean BAD), but yes I do believe he was overrated. Don't get me wrong, he was the best D player on the team (Jesse was the best on O, when healthy), but it's not saying much. Just like Don Mattingly, who was the most popular Yankee on some bad '80s teams, and many Yankee fans overrate him, admittedly so (except me, I hate the Yankees). 8)

You're right about the age, my mistake. :oops:

I agree, he is probably already over the issue with O'Neill, but seeing him calling out his D coordinator on the sidelines shows O'Neill's lack of competence. Most players, even the most intense ones, won't do that unless their coach is a pinhead. :expressionless:

And the Mike O'Shea comment isn't fair... don't know why yet, but I'll think of a reason... :frowning:

.......on re-reading my own post about Rial Johnson and his seemingly reluctance to report to the Bombers....i have to chuckle at his facebook response....quote...i believe the Argos are trying to exile me from T.O. (CENTRE OF THE UNIVERSE)...
Maybe he thought he was being shipped to Siberia :lol: :lol: .....message to Johnson....it only gets that cold in the winter in the Peg.. Rial.....summers are hot.... and the mosquitos are .....welllll you'll find out...... :lol:

The age thing needed to be pointed out, most people who are fans of a player don't think he is over-rated no matter how bad the team is. Example, a lot of people have Szarka as their favourite player. Is he the best player on the team? No. Is he over-rated? Yes--by the people who love him. Etc.
And the O'Shea comment was a shot--meant in good fun though.... if I were a Ticat fan, I'd have booed O'Shea relentlessly for the last decade and a half. In fact, I am not a Ticat fan, and I still haven't forgiven him....

This guy sounds like a nutbar. He called out Mathews last year (reportedly). You are welcome to him....