zeke marino - all star?

Socrates, they have the same rules here in the bushes
as they have across the border in The Land of The Free.

The trade for was voided because Tom Canada
was discovered to have an enlarged spleen.

Ron - Perhaps it was an enlarged " Ego " Tom Canada does not have a spleen.

I agree with Ron. The trade was voided when Canada discovered he had a health problem, and then the two teams agreed to different terms. When a trade happens and its voided it often puts teams in a tough spot because egos are bruised. Had they not agreed to different terms, the Ti-Cats would have retained Moreno’s rights. The only problem is Moreno would most likely wanted nothing to do with a team who just traded him, or who knows, one he asked to be traded from.

If Billups had failed his physical, the same circumstance would have occured. Most likely a different deal would have to be worked out, as Iverson would not want to return to Denver, either because he wanted out, or he would be pissed that he was traded.

Overall, I’m not happy that we ended up settling for what we got for Moreno from Winnipeg, but you never know if there may be “future consideration” not reported on this trade. Time will tell.


We got the rights to non-import DE Corey Mace,
who is in his second year with the Buffalo Bills.

We also got their FIRST ROUND draft pick in the 2009
in exchange for a conditional draft pick from us, jonsie.

I think I read that it is the 3rd pick in the FIRST ROUND.

The only murky aspect of this trade is which round
the draft pick comes in and what is it conditional on.

If tom canada was never mentioned and just the final deal was made the cats would be the laughing stock of the league but somehow people think its okay to get taken if you orginally thought you were getting a good player. Obie just needed to bring zeke back and call every other team or insist on walls but he didnt, he sucked out. Zeke could have come back and played with his bruised ego or sat until a deal was made. They got taken in more than one way and when people try to justify it by saying zeke is orveratted they just show their ignorance. the all star voters and taking the job of barrin simpson shows everyone that plain and simple. The bombers never gave up over 100 yds on the ground after moreno came there(except 102 once to the cats) and went 6-8 down the stretch. he took barrin simpsons job and was voted eastern all star. They held edmonton to what.......20 offensive points saturday? which is supposed to be enough to win but somehow cus they lose its morenos fault then also. Ticat management is capable of making mistakes and this was one, at least honest fans can admit it.
People keep saying fans dont let it go but that isnt the case......I wil respond when people try to defend the trade and run down zeke, its crap.

I believe it’s a 3rd or 4th rounder, depending on whether or not we sign Mace before the draft.

Who cares if he is gone good or bad let's move on, it not as if we traded Calvin Tiggle or Ben Zambiasi, Marino is gone period. Good luck to him.

Its not only the Zeke trade for most fans its all the other bonehead trades that have made, making other teams stronger while we keep finishing last, SUCKS.

He signed a two year plus option deal back in feb.

Imagine having linebackers Barranachea, Mareno and Armour all on the same team. Oh, waitaminute, there was one!

You’re right. Who wants a guy that leads the league in tackles two years in a row? What an over rated bum! The excuse that he only looked good because he played on the Cats defense (which makes no sense anyway) has been exposed as the bullsh** it is.

Why do we feel compelled to trash ex players around here, no matter who they are or how well they played? For the record, none of the merry go round linebackers that tried to play middle this year have come close to filling Zeke’s shoes. MLB better be a top priority this off season. Maybe we can get Barrin Simpson now that Zeke has apparently taken his job.

Glad to see Zeke finally get some recognition. :thup:

bengal06 :thup: :thup:

Great post!! Couldn’t agree more.

“Ex” players? More than a few feel comfortable to trash players, coaches, front office who are presently in the organization. Welcome to the internet.

You forgot to mention fellow members. They’re pretty comfortable with that as well.

Yep. whining , moaning, complaining, trashing....It all comes with the (internet) territory.