zeke marino - all star?

sound familiar ?????

'nough said...

and i have a bridge you can buy in Brooklyn if you think we won that deal...

and now he starts ahead of barrin simpson at mlb on the peg............not bad for a "slow, washed up, troublemaker, lost a step, injury fill in" linebacker.

Imagine when Tom Canada comes back next season?? That defense will be stacked!!!

Folks, haven’t we vented our spleens enough over this ?
It’s done.
But wait - maybe we can trade Chris Thompson, Knowlton, and Setta to Winnipeg to get Zeke back, or how about that Canadian DE on Buffalo’s reserve list and the draft choice for Zeke? (It worked once, maybe it’ll work again)


On the behalf of all Bomber fans. We thank you Obbie for this trade.

I know I wear my #19 Moreno jersey with pride. Hes definitely loved around here!

I feel for you TiCats fans. You never know, maybe Corey Mace will be a star whenever he does enter the CFL. Only time will tell.

Moreno = overrated

Holy change the subject I cant stand think about this. :roll: :oops: :oops:

I'm not sure why so many figure the Moreno trade was somehow slamming or dissing him or his abilities.

One of the most glaring and admitted weaknesses on the TiCats has been the weak defensive line and little to no pass rush or pressure.

To solve that, Obie tired to trade quality for quality (Moreno for Canada), believing he could make due with the other linebackers to help boost the Dline. Little did he realize the sleazy and questionable tactics that would come into play (Canada not wanting to come here and his sudden, unknown and not-revealed injury), resulting in the Cats getting robbed and short-changed in the process.

Moreno and some fans seem to see this trade as a slam against Moreno but I think he should accept the trade as a compliment. It's not like he was being offered up for a third stringer or distant draft pick :roll:

Quality for quality, at least that's how it was supposed to go down. No insult there...


I remain thoroughly perplexed over this pathetic deal. We traded Moreno for Canada. Canada has an injury which prevents him from coming east, in fact, as I recall, he ends up in the Hospital for a short stay.

The trade was made, however, so why isn't Tom Canada Hamilton property?

I'm sure there's an answer out there somewhere that has escaped me. Can anyone shed any light
on what actually went down here.

Can Canada refuse a trade? It seems to me that the only way he could get out of the trade is to
hang up his cleats. He remains in the game, however; property of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

We end up with some untested jock who could fizzle out in our training camp.

What am I missing here? :?

Canada said he’d retire before reporting to Hamilton.

Canada is not Hamilton property because they chose to make a new deal. They didn't have to make a new deal, but that was their decision. So the "new" trade was for the first round draft pick and the rights to Corey Mace. Maybe this deal will work out in the long run or maybe it won't. There is no use crying over spilt milk because what's done is done. It still ticks me off that Canada is Winnipeg's property but then again he didn't want to be here. I'd hate to have a repeat of when O'Shea was traded back here for Tony Miles. O'Shea couldn't wait to run back to Toronto.

get over it people. you really think he was the missing peice of the puzzle? he is gone.

How dare you speak rationally, longtimetcfan? :smiley: :lol:


By the way, Tom Canada rushed to the hospital
the day that Zeke Moreno arrived in Winnipeg,

It turned out that he had an enlarged spleen
which made him ineligible to be traded.

He went on Winnipeg's nine-game injured
reserve list for the rest of the year.

That information soon came out but
it didn't register with so many posters here

who focussed on Tom Canada's wailing about
not wanting to come to Hamilton to play for us.

I don't care how much he cried about the trade,
if he was healthy he would have had to come here.

He just wasn't medically fit to come here.

Here is a link to a report on symptoms of and treatments for an enlarged spleen. A very serious condition indeed:



While I would not argue that we lost on this deal, mostly due to strange circumstances, and a player who appears to think they are bigger than the game, I really don't miss Moreno, and after watching the game on the weekend, I don't see why everyone continues to think he is still such a good player.

All I know is Edmonton marched up and down the field by throwing to their backs, something they have done all year, and the Winnipeg LBs did nothing to stop it. Moreno has to take blame for a lot of those yards. On one of the touchdowns, he was not even close to reacting quick enough to the pitch that was sent to the Edmonton Running Back.

Zeke was really good last year. This year, not so much. Next year ... who knows. Let's move on.


Who would that be??

the all star voters disagree and he is better than anything the cats have. Do you think barrin simpson is any good? you know........the guy who cant crack the lineup now cus zeke is there........ You made the point everyone has been talking about, getting value back. Nobody is above being traded but they got taken in the deal and that is the reason people bring it up but most just respond when people try to justify it by cutting him down. Watch the game again and you wont see much yardage up the middle, in fact..........they stayed completely away from the middle and that is because of zeke and his league leading tackle number. everything they gained was outside. It was an interesting game. moreno, auggie, goss, armstead all managing to rejuvenate their careers and make the playoffs while the cats who didnt need these bums are on the outside looking in.

Well maybe I shouldn't argue with the voters for the all-stars, but I still don't think he's that great, was probably going to be a free agent, and don't disagree with the fact that the move was made to get better. It just backfired. As far as staying away from the middle goes, I still saw a lot of passes in the 5-15 yard range to the sides and the middle (just like we have given up all year). If there was a reason they didn't run up the middle, it was more about a true all-star named Doug Brown, not Moreno.

I agree, Zeke is awful at covering receivers. This year he has made a ton of tackles but way too many after huge yards gained.
That said, I think we got hosed horribly on the trade. This one action makes the CFL look bush league.
Iverson got traded to Detroit and was not allowed to play against Toronto because Billups had not passed his physical yet. If Billups had of failed, the trade is null and void.