Zeke injured

What is Zeke was injured instead of traded. Would all you haters be so negative about this game. We almost beat Edmonton a few weeks ago. I know this ones on the road but this is still a pretty good team. We S*** the bed last week but it happens.

The team is down one middle linebacker. We got a new one! We'll live.

Apparently the coaches and GM see alot in Porter also. I know possitivity is frowned apon on this forum....but maybe this kid is good. Might not be as loveable a Richie but he just might be better QB.

This isn't the WWF. It's not about being likeable it's about winning games.

I'm willing to give this GM. Who by the way has a pretty darn good track record more than 10 games.

Let's Go you Cats!!!

Unbelievable comment.

Was it a troll?

Was I wrong in bumping this thread.

My bad.....