Zeke Fans

Thank you :lol:

The best rushing offense in the league: Caulley was held to 46 yards.

Run Defense had nothing to do with the win! LOL!

Obilovich must have a lot of family members on this forum :roll:

46 yards on 8 attempts. That's still almost 6 yards per rush. I never said run defense diddn't have anything to do with the win. I said Moreno didn't. He had 3 tackles. I didn't notice him making an impact in the game at all. Last week sure he did, but this week Zeke was a non factor.

The effectiveness of WPG's D-line and the putrid play of Ham. O-line meant all WPG needed was average play at MLB and that's exactly what they got. Last night they could have easily gotten away with an untested kid.
Trying to base a loss on a trade you love to hate is pathetic and revealing.

All they needed was average and that's what they got. That's the whole point. They may not have gotten average...

The Moreno trade was awful for this team for the 2008 season. That's the part I hate about it. Long term it MIGHT work out for the best but not a good trade today.

Pathetic and revealing...LOL!
Why are you so mean :slight_smile:

No, the point is you're bent on turning Moreno into some kind of superstar in order to try and maximize the supposed embarassment Ham. ought to feel from the trade..

He wasnt a superstar when he was here this year and he certainly wasnt one last night.

Your basis of the trade being so bad is that Moreno is so good. Is he? All I saw was pretty much the same stuff he did when he was here only with less running around and that's because WPG's d-line is 10 times better than Ham's.

What I saw was him instrumental in beating Toronto last week, moving Winnipeg 2 points ahead of Hamilton and this week he was part of a very solid defense that was enough to end the Ticats season.

Hamilton shouldn't feel embarassed. Taman called out of desperation and Obilovich just said Okee and flew him out before he talked to Canada. Same guy who was involved in the blow up of the Watkins trade.

I think "Hamilton" might be angry at the trade more then embarrassed.

Now stop being so mean. We just have different opinions. Ain't that cool?

didn't hear his name once last night..exept for when Suitor talked about the trade..
90% of your comments have been about how bad the trade was,you even comment on how bad the trade was on threads that are totally not about Moreno..
its not that Obie traded the best MLB EVER!he was good..'good' thats about it., ,
again Get over it!!..

Unless Moreno was playing QB and wide rec. vs. Tor I would value your opinion.

When you say things like "instrumental" is why I dont value your opinion and dont understand why you get your kicks from running down the the team.

Considering Winnipeg played and Knocked out Hamilton last night. I am justified in bringing it up.

I am not running down the team Zontar. Quite the opposite. Moreno was part of the team. Able,willing and glad to fight through the rebuilding process.

You can't "guarantee" making the playoff and then trade a starter for a pick to your main rival in the middle of a playoff fight and be taken credibly or the GM was incompetent in this situation. Can't have it both ways.

Doesnt justify a thing because the trade had nothing to do with the outcome.

All it shows is that you're pleased Ham. lost.

They won, Hamilton loss. he's 1/24 starters so he gets credit for 4.25% of the win.

"Pleased Hamilton loss"

Your wrong, really!

So Moreno goes from a supposed "star", team leader,fan fave, heart of defense etc. to just a 1/24 bit part injury fill-in.

A trade for a couple of draft picks sounds about right.

Problem I see is that nobody says that about him till they trade then try to justify it by running him down. He played mlb last night agaisnt the cats and won the game. Shut the running game down and shut printers down. You dont need your name mentioned to get credit. Not lots of highlights of him getting burned last night either. He was solid and they won.

But he didnt shut down anything the D-line did.
Never ran him down. Just dont think he's half the "star" he was made out to be after the trade and what made him so untouchable on a last place defense.Which was the crux of the outrage at the trade being supposedly so bad because he was supposedly so good.

All of these issues were never at the forefront until the trade was made.

Fact:He was the most dominating MLB last season and he led the league in tackles again this year.

Why is DaBeet sporting Rider green? :slight_smile:

If they had brought in Derek Armstrong you could argue the trade, its not the trade, its what he got in return.

No, people were outraged (or faked outrage like you) at what the Cats got in return because of what they thought of Moreno's value.
And most of that can be blamed on happenstance.

Zontar: he is a very good MLB. Maybe a little over rated because our defence is on the field so much and he is given more opportunity to make tackles. But he is still one of the best MLB in the league. i think most of the people who are so pissed off with the trade would be much less angry if we would have got something substantial in return for our best defensive player. Zeke just had another very good game last night. No mistakes, played a role in Winnipeg's win. happened to be the win that killed Ticat payoff hopes. Zeke gets the last laugh. Ticats lose the game and the trade, at least for this year.