Zeke Fans

Quickly, I was at the game tonite and hear are my thougts.

1.I don't think I heard Zeke's name once
2. Their long TD pass on 2nd and inches, the receiver was 2 yards off side.
3. We went with a 3 man rush way too often, we have enuf problems going with 4
4. Printers cost us 9 points , fumbled and tackled at the 1 then we gave the safety and they drove for another TD. I don't care if the line suck , he fumble once or twice every game.
5. Porter looked great but lets not go crazy, remember , the Bombers have no film on him at all unless they watched some from his college day.
6. I thought Thompson and Tisdale looked good.
7. Lastly , where is Bauman

Thompson is a ball-hawk...5 ints this season and i think 3 of em were absolutely fantastic....apparently bauman has a concussion

moreno ended up with three tackles on the night. He didnt get to show off his tshirt and I lost respect for him when I saw that.

Beetlejuice you lost me on that one. What t-shirt and what did it say?

I know the officating is not great but, com'on 2 yards.

I was sitting right there, he jumped way off side the whole section was yelling at the ref

He had a t-shirt on under his game jersey that read "traded for a first round draft pick, really?".
I guess he was gonna pose with it if he made a big pick or sack or something but he never did. You could read it through his jersey. Regardless, I never thought zeke was like that but I guess he is.

Oh well, onward and upward. Lets forget about him especially if feels that way

Can you really blame the guy? The whole trade was the biggest joke in the CFL this year. He would have just been stating the facts, no matter how ridiculous they appear.
And, I guess Zeke got the last laugh tonight didn't he?

It's called class and professionalism. Look into it.

I don't know about that.
Judging by the way Anthony has been playing, it looks like maybe Obie knew what he was doing.

Get Over the over paid guy! Our team played very good last night and we kept the bombers running around in circles!Zeke is a free agent next year if we still need him! He is basicly on loan to winnipeg!Just watch we might not even need him back!

Bottom line Winnipeg just knocked Hamilton out of the playoff by the skin of their teeth. How would the game have turned out had they showed up with Ellis or a nobody at Linebacker.

The Moreno trade was the dumbest trade in the CFL in a long time.

MONEY MONEY MONEY! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
I can here it! Its The cashier where Caretaker is laughing at the hamilton fan! :wink:

I disagree Moreno was invisible last night except for the stupid T shirt - unprofessional and very much childish - waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Go trade we need to move on.

Trade had absolutely no bearing on the game and you know it.

sorry to tell you, but your receivers were offside all night...

and zontar wth are you talking about? we would have been playing linebacker with a guy name pierre luc-labbe... do you even know who that is? trust me i would rather play with moreno...

Are you saying Moreno was a liability for the Bombers?

What I am saying is if Logan is in at MLB or some guy they phoned up at his house. Maybe the Ticats rush for an extra 80 yards and the score is different.

Don't be so mean :slight_smile:

Moreno had 3 tackles last night so Zontar is right that the trade had no bearing on this game.