Zeke and Jesse... Time to step up

Two of our biggest stars were a non factor last night. The difference being one of the stars played, and one didn't. One did not make the trip due to "injury" and one just didn't make the trip, he played, but it didn't seem like it.

My problem with Zeke being he has been almost non-existant this year. 3 out of 4 games we have given up 30+ points, and Zeke has done nothing to stop any of that. The reason being, he is trying to hard to make a play. He is commiting to the pass way to early going after the quarterback, leaving the middle wide open for the running back to walk through untouched until he gets to the safety, 8 yards later. Zeke, you are the middle line backer, your job is to stop the run, it is supposed to be your forte. There are plays where it has been so obvious Reynolds has the ball everyone but Zeke has been going after him. If Creehan assigned him to spy Burris then that is your biggest mistake as a coach yet, because you are taking basically our best run stuffer out of the game, chasing after the QB when he doesn't have the ball half the time. I don't know how many drives were kept alive because of 5-10 yard runs up the middle by Reynolds where he goes untouched, through holes you could drive a puralotor truck through. Zeke, it is your job to fill those holes, calm down, read the play then react to it, don't commit to anything until the play unfolds, then you will be back to the run stuffing beast you were last year racking up 10 tackles a game.

Now onto Jesse. I have no problem at all with the 3 games he has played, but if he keeps letting these bumps and bruises get to him it is really going to hurt his legacy. If he wants to be remembered as one of the best Canadian backs ever to play the game, he can't let every little knick keep him out. Missing 4-5 games every season is really going to affect his pay day as well. He will never play in the NFL, because NFL RB's need to be durable, and need to last the 16 game season carrying the ball 25-30 times a game. I don't think we have ever asked him to carry the ball that much, so toughen up Jesse, and play through these little knicks.

Right now we are trapped in a mud pit with Winnipeg and Toronto, if Montreal loses on Saturday they'll be slipping in to. We need to claw our way out, and in my opinion we missed a major opportunity last night to get even more respect from the league by playing a close game with Calgary. Now for the rest of this week we will be in the same conversations with Winnipeg and Toronto by all the so called experts. Who will be the first to claw themselves out of the mud pit? it's gonna have to be someone, and if it is us, the play of these two stars is going to be instrumental.

There are already plenty of threads about Zeke and Jesse. Why a new one?


I don't have a problem with a new thread either. Especially when the poster writes a multiparagraph topic that is slightly different than the conversations going on in similar threads.

You're right, Jesse/Zeke do need to step it up big time. I was also dissapointed with Printers last night. All the leaders on this team need to step up.

To my understanding, it wasn't Jesse's call to miss this game. It was a coach's/trainer/s decision. I agree with chris101's other points though...