Zeke and Destroy

Is this about the greatest nickname ever.Start printin' the jerseys!

this guy shoulda been born in hamilton. he'll be a fan favourite if he isn't already. right up there with hitch, zambiasi and mosca

We'll adopt him.It's been a while since we've had a nasty there.

I loved it when he ran over O'Shea in the endzone last week. Highlight of the game for me.

anytime o'shea gets knocked on his *** is a good day in hamilton.

He was awesome getting downfield and making the tackle on special teams!


Elliot Freedman made a good point they should be starting Canadians at linebackers and use the imports as defensive backs

Does he do a good job helping out our OLBs
off tackle runs and dump passes to the slot?


Right Bobby P, when we don't use
Mariuz and Barennchea very much

we don't get the value of the time
we invested getting them experience.

He seems to be very well rounded. Good speed and size. Very physical player also.

I like Zeke but #16 He a Linebacker He needs a 50#
QB use 16 not linebackers...

I know why he uses 16 cause it same Number he had in Collage.
But it dose look odd to see a 16 in Middle of D and 9 at DE..

Oh well go Ticats

i don't care what # he wears, as long as he keeps busting people up, i'm happy.

what he said..

if zeke is such a great L.B. why are they giving up so many rushing yards. his job is to stop the run

that just means that opposing teams are running outside of him. olb job to stop those ones. haven't seen too many long gains up the middle because 'zeke and destroy' is busting 'em up on the inside.

That's not a good point, we have an extra Canadians starting, there is no point as to starting more Canadians when our American linebackers are much stronger. Our import linebackers are fine and LB.