Zeek on Fan Shortly ..

Zeek on Fan Shortly … Tune in Now

It is Football Friday what with all Dam Hockey and Baseball .

Where is Zeek ?????
Guess the Meetings are holding him up.

Hogie can't shut up about hockey. And what's with that other guy talking more about his kids than the game? Terrible show today although Hogan does have a point on the key being to establish the run game with Holmes and Lumsen against the ARRRRRGO-0-0-0-0-S

speeking of zeek! holie WOW he look promising! he was on somany tackels last week, lets see how he shapes up this week :smiley:

I think Zeke needs practice operating his telephone machine.

Hoagie is pretty good on CFL coverage. Guys like Swirsky have probably never even been to a game. If you're going to host an all sports talk show, it should be mandatory that you attend a few games. Others like Rumack and Stellick aren't much better.

An Argo-Cat fan