I was just checking Bell's stats because I'm bored and Court Surfing refuses to play the LA game... Anyway, he had a -200 rating against Hamilton. I didn't know you could have a minus rating. :lol:

i dont see the hype with zabransky.. all he does is run the ball... and after every play.. he acts as if its the greatest play ever made... the guys alot of hype but fact is when pressed into duty... threw 4 ints against a blue bomber team starting their 4 string qb... imo, bomber qb prospect joey elliot looked better than zabransky and i dont think you would get much for zabransky in a trade.. ppl wanting to offer up #1 picks for this guy... Ur kidding me right? i mean, outside of running the ball.. what has the guy shown other than he's kind of a hot dog out there..

no way u get a first rounder for him, honestly u'd be lucky to get a 4th rounder.

I agree, there seems to be a lot of hype. Sometimes the guys calling the game seemed to be part of the hype machine. One thing that MIGHT be part of the hype is that there is a bit of a call for some new blood in the qb position around the league. He has a pretty good college resume(wich we have learned means little to nothing in the CFL). It gives the media something to work with as well I guess. How many times last year did they mention the statue of liberty play from the fiesta bowl? All that being said, I do hope he developes into a great qb. I mean he has Ray as a teacher and mentor. That's gotta help.

What the hell does that have to do with anything? Last time I checked, your fourth string QB didn't get any of those picks. :roll:

Throwing interceptions is nothing new for young quarterbacks. Simple experience...the confidence built over the course of a few starts and getting used to the speed of the game will take care of that problem...or it won't.
My point is that interceptions for a young quarterback starting out isn't that much of a concern.
OK...it's a concern if it keeps happening...but look at Travis Lulay.
A bit of a stern talking to about protecting the football...a few quality starts and we may have seen the rise of a new star in BC.

We'll see if Zabranski will ever get the chance to work out his entrenched and festering butt splinters. But not having a head coach playing musical quarterbacks would be a good start.

And what's wrong with a running quarterback? We seem to have a beaut.