I just heard the trade rumors with Zebransky, and was a little stunned. He seems to be a fairly promising QB. I honestly think consideration should be given to trading Ray...I mean, the team is clearly rebuilding, perhaps a young QB should be a part of that.

interested to hear from some Esks fans.





The ESKS would get a lot of trade offers for such a valuable player. Give him a decent offnsive line and Ray will come out shining! How about Toronto acquiring Rick Ray and giving the ESKS Chad Owens?

I have no clue on what is going to happen here. I think we need to groom him for at least one more season, otherwise who's going to back up Ray?

Oh no another one trying to steal Ray from us. :roll:


Okay now that I have done my duty again today, the rest of you go now again in peace. :slight_smile:

You are right Backer though I am far from sold on Zabransky.

There just are not enough quarterbacks let alone even average ones as Zabransky is not.

Niagara is an Als fan. So maybe dial down the snark just a tad.

haha, the Esks will never get Owens.. Argo's aren't stupid.

You got that right cflisthebest.


Braley is there, best thing that has happened to the Argos in a long time. Actually Braley should own all the Toronto teams, honestly speaking. :lol:

Chief, that is exactly what I thought when I read the initial comment. :lol:

First, I can't believe Z is available.
However if ET is shopping him around, I sincerely hope my Argos go after him and if necessary I would give up a number 1 draft choice for him.
He is still relatively young at 27 and next to MacPherson is the best up and coming next wave of QB's.

Owens for Ray?. IMO Owens is not a QB and Ray is a rare commodity, , make it Owens, Brannagan and a second round pick.

Who knows, perhaps Zabransky is worried about competing with QB Matt Nichols? :wink:

Couldn't agree more Argo. But the thing is you guys already have the other one that fits that category. Bell outplayed Lemon in the preseason, was very effective when called upon in the regular season, more so than Lemons better games, IMO, and still no reference to him at all when talking Argo future Q.B.'s. It almost seems like a Roy Shivers/Danny Barret love afair with Nealon Greene unfolding in TO. And for seemingly most posters on here, Zabranski has very little value. Just don't get it, but it also explains a lot, all at the same time.

i think the Argos have a QB in Bell. Just have not seen enough of him to say for sure. It might be nice to have an experienced QB there for, if nothing else, mentorship. Who is TO's QB coach? They are sure young at the QB slot.

I would have loved to have seen Zabransky be the backup for Kevin Glenn. I just don't see Porter getting any better.

Jamie Elizondo is the Argos QB Coach/Offensive Coordinator.

I don’t know about that one.
The jury is still out on Bell and what little we saw of him last year he did not improve his stock.
If anything, he went backwards.
I would still bring him to camp and likewise Brannagan, who I
believe may have more of an up side of the two.
Regardless, this team needs a bonafied number 1 starter and which Clemon is clearly NOT.