Zebransky out?


Would the Esks really want him out? I know he is a bit cocky...perhaps Tillman (aka grabby magoo) is taking a zero tolerance stance? Not an Esks fan here, so part of me hopes he goes, but at the same time it seems a little foolish unless there is some prospect we don't know of.

Then again, he is not cut yet, and perhaps they don't want him there because there is simply nothign for him to complete for...ie....the job is already his.

I posted this in the Edmonton board...

Seems very odd to me. Something is up that's for sure. :?

The guy's name is Zabransky, not Zebranksy.

maybe they looked at his stats and his only positive being the ability to run the ball and think… oh right a qb needs to be able to complete passes and not throw 5 ints a game. who knows.

Maybe he'll be our replacement for Tafralis? Heck, I'd take him over Porter any day.

I thought he looked pretty darned good for a 1st year QB with limited action. The fact that he does have the ability to process things quickly (as you said) and not try to force a play is huge. That is something that is tough to teach, but with playing time confidence grows, and an arm can be developed. He was playing a backup role, and likely had the mentality of play to simply not make mistakes. Many backups seem to do this, likely thinking that if they don't make mistakes they are more likely to see some action / gain coaches trust.

He is a talent worth exploring for any team in the CFL imo.

Oy... just to reiterate... Fred Stamps, the leading receiver for the Esks the last couple seasons, also wasn't invited.

Media looking for a story...

I would completely disagree with the bolded. Z in fact did the opposite and kept trying to force things. This led to his 10 INTs to only 4 TDs. He looked good in the game vs. Sask that he started and won, but apart from that his start vs. Winnipeg and the other few times he got into games he looked pretty brutal. I think the writing is pretty much on the wall that the Esks don't feel that he is in their future.

I'm interested to see how 3rd stringer Matt Nichols does in pre-season though. He spent time with the Dallas Cowboys last year and is only 24.