ZC placed on 6 game injured list - July 28

Well, so much for the comfort of seeing Zach in practice without his gear last week...


Ticats loose their QB for half a season and the person responsible got fined a few hundred bucks and didn't miss a down. CFL JUSTICE.

Yeah, the refs definitely blew the penalty call. But let's be fair, TCHABS. Do you honestly think that it was a vicious, intentional hit to the head meriting of a suspension? Or was he making the play when Zach extended himself and left himself really vulnerable?

If I take off my black & gold shades, I can't help but give him the benefit of the doubt. Yes, he should have been penalized on the play. Yes, there should have been a fine. But expecting him to sit for as long as Zach's out? That's not really fair either.

While I'm disappointed to hear that Zach won't be at QB for the Labour Day classic, I'm pleased that Dan LeFevour has stepped up. (not happy that he isn't signed beyond this year though.

If he continues to play like he did on Saturday night? Don't expect that to be a problem for long come the off-season.

two days after LeFevour blows up the stats page? one has to wonder if this is partially a nod to Dan's ability as a starting QB?

If he continues to play like he did on Saturday, why on earth would he re-sign with the Cats before testing free agency? This could be another Collaros situation -- backup proves himself in his final season before becoming a free agent, team is committed financially to another QB, backup signs with the highest bidder who has a starting spot up for grabs. Unless you are suggesting that LeFevour will make Collaros expendable, which I would say is both premature and unlikely.

I know my post looks like I was thinking Willis should have been suspended, which I don't, it's more of frustration of how many Ticats have received head shots without even a penalty being called. Fantuz and Zac both missed games while Tasker was hit in the head on the failed FG attempt in Calgary which no discussed by league that I'm aware of. (even if the league did look at it, I didn't expect them to fine anyone because to say there should have been a penalty also means the Ticats potentially lost the game because of a non call.

So, is he back for the Edmonton game? (Irony :lol: )

That's a very fair point. At the same time, LeFevour hadn't performed that well coming into the season. And I'm sure KA had his reasons for choosing to sign Masoli, but not Dan. That said? We're about a quarter million lighter on the cap courtesy of ZC being here instead of Smilin' Hank. There could be room for both, unless Dan really lights it up for the rest of the year.

Yes, it did, but that's understandable. I agree, the fact that the refs have completely blown the head shots calls, especially after the League said that they'd make a big deal of it? Well, it's infuriating.

And I agree that when blown calls ruin a game, it is REALLY infuriating. That said, there's a few thousand Larks fans who would have loved to have had instant video replay during our playoff game last year. You win some, you lose some. Sometimes in the most awful ways...

With Collaros on the 6 gm Injured list,
It removes his salary from the cap (about $83K of 250K) He can also come back anytime if symptom free Perhaps some extra cap space to sign LeFevour

Unfortunately no CFL team can afford to pay starting wages to 2 QB's under the current SMS. So even if Collaros salary is off the table SMS wise, that would only be for this year. One hopes LeFevour does very well given his shot. But, as mentioned earlier in this thread he could very easily be 2014's version of Collaros and get starting wages from a CFL team in need. Since Hank is older than dirt (football wise at least) it could very well be Ottawa who might come calling in February. If not them, then it might be the Larks as Heisman Troy seems to be a bust (so far).


Just to clarify ...

If Zach stays on the 6 game IR, yes, his salary does not count against the cap. As mentioned that's approximately $83K. But if he comes off early, those #'s go back to the SMS. The big thing is players on the 6 game IR CANNOT practice for the first 4 weeks.

As far as suggesting the savings from putting Collaros on the 6 game can be used to re-sign LeFevour, that can't happen. Different seasons and there's no carry over.

Again, the big thing to me is that Zach can't practice with the team while on the 6 game for 4 weeks. They'd have to take him off early just to get him practicing before Labour Day.

My guess is they don't pull him off early unless something significant happens to LeFevour, injury or performance wise.

Why to see Buck Pierce when Look at Zack

Hey, I do see a resemblance!

Maybe he is Buck's secret love child.

If someone could clarify. Is the six weeks retroactive to the date of his injury?

No it isn't

Don't forget Lindsay Lamar. With the two horrible concussions he suffered, one hopes that he can fully recover not only for the team's sake, but for his future as well.

Is this our so called 2 M Dollar QB ?

I think this move is good for everyone. Collaros can watch LeFevour and Masoli run Austin's offence from a distance, and learn from their performances. The O-Line will only get better each week as injured vets return to duty. When Collaros is healthy again, he should have a better working knowledge of the offence, and much better protection.

Collaros was done a huge disservice by the team, being put in to run an offence with a horrible O-Line. This was not fair to Collaros at all. I think when he comes back, Collaros will be awesome. But that could be a long way off, if LeFevour keeps playing well. I can't see Austin pulling LeFevour for Collaros if the Cats are red hot with Dan in there.