Zander Robinson back at TE

Moving to TE looks like it will open up a whole new career for Robinson. I would expect to see more added to a TE package with him.
With Ottawa grabbing the best true TE in the CFL via expansion draft look for more conversions and/or attempted conversions of big athletic Canadian DE to offense.

For Robinson his size and quick conversion caught the NFL's attention no doubt. He is still young enough to really blossom over the next two seasons and could see the NFL come calling. I like the move of staying and playing instead of hitting NFL rookie mini camp route and possible camp invite which probably would earn him a Practice Roster spot.

Could see him and others become two way players. Offence in TE packages and defense spot duty goaline on defense along with special teams play. He may not be a starter or everydown player on offense of defense but could see plenty of snaps in all 3 phases which will be very valuable with the smallish 42 man game day rosters.

Zander looks like he will be a better HBack/TE than he was a DE. Hope to see more of those short TE type passes from Ricky over the middle to Robinson this year. He is capable of some YAC yards.