Zamperin's Video Updates?

I have not seen anyone commenting on the daily video updates that Rick has been providing on the homepage.

What do you guys think?


ps. I may be a tad biased but I think they are brilliant! :wink:

Personally Caretaker, I'm not a big fan of them altho they are better than the original looped updates when he was first put on the Perhaps a direct link is better

Not being in the Ontario area i love to be able to read / view any and all , complaints , suggestions , gripes , info , updates , etc ! Just a few short years ago before this website and forum TICAT info was almost non existent . PLEASE continue !!

Please, please, please take it off as a pop up video. I am interested in watching them but everytime I come on the website all I hear is, "...this is Rick Zamprin for" I had to mute my computer because of it.

Just have somewhere to go to click on it if you want to watch it.

I am assuming that the purpose of this is to get the fans familiar to him and his voice???

The videos and the pics of the practices are grrrrreat Bob keep it coming. :slight_smile: :thup:

I like the daily video updates. Interviews and a breif update of that days events at camp. We have never had something like this available at the click of a mouse before. For those out of town this is a great way to stay in touch with daily info on our team.

i beleive i started a thread about them when the first one came out, i love them. it helps me get a better look at how camp is going wheni cannot attend the TC myself. love em bob!!

The are GREAT! I like all the info that we are getting on a daily basis during training camp. Pictures, video feed and articles. First class.

Personally, I think they're great...more reliable than CHtv and its hit and miss with the SCORE, Sportsnet, and TSN. I love watching them, think they are a very innovative idea, and look forward to seeing them throughout the year. NICE JOB RICK!

I love Them But
I Hate Everytime I Reload The Front Page starts Up ..

Make it so we have to push play to hear it.

I like them and I like the written training camp report even better since I can access it at work.

They are a very welcome addition to the site, particularly when there are shots of the players in action.

However, I agree with TMLMikey and Onknight that they shouldn't open automatically on the homepage. For anyone with a slower connection speed, this is deadly when accessing the site.

I love them, but I agree with taking them off as a pop up.

they are good - but like some others I'd prefer to go to it rather than it coming to me every time I go to the site.

I think it's a step up, for sure. Having a video menu somewhere on the front page that fans can access would be ideal a la where vids from the last week could be itemized and accessed.

Oski Wee Wee,

Zamperin's reports are great! I'd like to see them continue beyond pre season.
I think Rick is capable of becoming the new Perc Allen providing he has deep insight into the game of football.
Good luck on your first broadcast tonight, Rick. You're in good hands with Coach Salavantis.

Caretaker: This post was a good idea.

I really enjoy them. I moved to Vancouver for a job about 3 years ago and really miss the Ti-Cats but these reports along with this site really help me keep up with whats going on.

I just wish Hamilton played at BC more than once per season :frowning: Its my only chance to see them live but once a year is much better than 0 :slight_smile:

I am enjoying the updates in Vancouver just remove the pop up it would be soooooo much better!

I love em and would like it to continue as well. Great work Rick. :thup:

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