Zamperin Review

Excitement is okay tho' he needs to remember that it's radio- not TV. I want to know where the runner/receiver is and a little bit more of a description of the routes. That may come.

My favorite comment came near the end of the first quarter.
"Well, Chang really knows how to throw the old.....

If Rick spends some time with Ken Peters I'm sure he'll be able to come up with clever descriptors like "the old oblate spheroid."

I fully agree and so does Bob as I noticed in the play by play thread.

Rick.. if you're reading this.. you're doing a decent job but we need DETAILS! Its radio..

Its preseason for everyone

I think he's doing a good job describing where the ball is being scrimmaged and to setup the formations for us. Calling out the players names immediately would be my only suggestion.

His voice is perfect for play-by-play and I think he's trying to coin his own TD catch-phrase by shouting "Touchdown! Touchdown Cats!!!".

Have to agree with Mark on this one. It often sounds as though there are two colour commentators and no play-by-play announcer. If Rick Zamperin focuses on "who, when and where" and lets John Salavantis handle the "what and why", they will be fine.

Coach Sal is holding the broadcast together. Rick really needs to calm it down, lower his voice a tad and concentrate on what he's doing because he's not even finishing the call...Coach Sal has had to come in a lot to name who made the play....that last touchdown was a prime example......he's got to learn to make the transition from fan to play-caller......but it is still game #1 for him so I know it's a tough gig to learn. I could never do that myself.

Sounds good in North Bay.

And Verdun, QC :wink:

And in downtown Toronto. OSKEE-WEE-WEE!!!!!

If Rick Zamperin focuses on "who, when and where" and lets John Salavantis handle the "what and why", they will be fine.
I dont think they have a spotter to help out the boys in the booth. That may be the reason for the trouble on the names and numbers on quick plays.

I like the new Ticat announcer. He sounds like an football announcer.

love him, calls the plays, lets coach sal do the heavy lifting.

could be a little quicker with the names, but i love the excitement.

attaboy rick!

It's in the last minutes of the game as I type this.

He's really seemed to knuckle down. He just got really excited about Nick Cordick getting an INT. He described it perfectly. He's going to do just fine, I think.

I was the only one that suggested him when the thread "Who should we get for play-by-play" was active. I'll try not to break my arm, patting myself on the back

We can ask Marty York to do it for you. :slight_smile:

he did a Nice Job..

Great job Rick... a few bugs to iron out but that comes with experience.. keep up the great work!!!

He did a good job, I liked the energy..I noticed some people complained that he got too excited, but to be honest I am the same way when I hear or see a great play I get ramped up thats how I can tell Rick has a passion for the game.

Keep up the good work.

I like him. Good 'nuff.