Zach's Revenge

If the stars line up this year, Zach could get his revenge on every team that slighted him.

First Up - Calgary Stamps
2014 Grey Cup, Zach was screwed by a questionable penalty on Speedy B’s kick return. The player the infraction of blocking from behind later admitted taking a dive. That Grey Cup was Zach’s and Stamps cheated their way in winning it.
So lets bury those Stamps; its about time Bombers got past the Stamps.

Second Up - Sask Roughriders
After getting injured on the first series of this year, Zach was traded to Argos, wasn’t even given a chance to come back.
Not a classy move.

Lets rough up those Riders - they are way over-rated.

Finally - The Hamilton Tiger-Cats.
This one is a little tougher to justify revenge as Zach had nearly half the season in 2017 and given every opportunity. But for many reasons he went 0-8…and soon Zach was traded to Sask.

So this would not be revenge, but an interesting match against his former team. May want some revenge against Simoni, though.

Hope Zach stays healthy in the playoffs.

We squeak out a win in this game and dominate the next one. Zach gets his revenge.

Nice ! I’ll take it.

Congrats to Zach & Bombers for a great win over the arrogant BLM & Stamps.

Now its time to shut up the green people; more their cocky fans and media then the players.

Zach attack continues…

I established a new tradition for myself during the playoffs last year - popcorn or potato chips with a Slush Puppie.

I'll be getting a couple blue ones to bring the Bombers luck on Sunday. The only question is whether I should get them before the East final or whether I should nip out down the block to pick them up between games.


…Revenge couldn’t be more sweeter for the much maligned Collaros…I hope he carves up the green guys tomorrow…then saves some for his former club from Ham…(I expect the Cats to dump the Esks. tomorrow)…A Bomber VS. Ti-Cat Cup game has been a long time in coming,and if O’Shea can turn himself into Bud Grant and go into fox mode…we just might have something going here

Thank you, but when it comes to having a football mind I'm not quite at Bud Grant's level.


WTF is a slush puppy?
If you want to cheer for a winnipeg team (and you aren’t drinking alcohol) you have a slurpee.

Come on man, thats as Winnipeg as it gets.

Yes, I'm aware that Winnipeggers have such a close relationship with Slurpees that they rank first in North America when it comes to Slurpee consumption. I've never lived anywhere close to Winnipeg though!

Meanwhile Slurpees are a brand name of 7-Eleven and a product sold only through 7-Eleven stores. Up until twelve or so years ago, there was a 7-Eleven store three blocks away but it closed.

7-Eleven though is an American chain anyway. When it comes to convenience store chains, I'm a Mac's loyalist.

Slush Puppies meanwhile have fabulous cup graphics and are sold at mom-and-pop variety stores, gas station convenience stores, wherever. One such opened a block away from me and started carrying Slush Puppies sometime in 2018.

Game, set and match to Slush Puppies!

What a great late season pickup! Without Zach the Bombers wouldn’t be heading to next Sunday’s Grey Cup game. 'Nuff said!

Congrats to Zach and Bomber fans on beating those cocky, not so humble riders.

This is where I have to get off the train and cheer my cats to shoot down the Bombers.

It’ll be the biggest challenge for the cats, as we have not faced a QB of Zach’s calibre.

(Advantage for you, you have won at McMahon last week, we haven’t won there in 10 years)

It's like our second home....except we can win big games anywhere on the road. Our D is awesome.

I have to admit I wasn’t pleased when we got him, didn’t think he had anything left.
Very glad I was wrong!

Congrats to you my Winnipeg friends and especially to Zach for his last two games and going to the cup.
I really thought when my Argos got him off the scrap heap from the Riders he was done…all those head injuries.
So when my team then gave him to you guys, no big deal right.
I will be cheering for him and the BB on Sunday.

Congrats to the BB organization including QB ZC on a nice victory en route to the Grey Cup game! I was initially hesitant to let my girlfriend watch the game. Previously, her first ever time watching she seen the Labor Day Classic match between SSK and WPG. I lost that bet against her and she rubbed it in really good … Going forward I do not plan to make any bets or listen to any predictions etc. Can’t wait for this important next game!