Zach who?!?!?

Sorry I couldn't resist. What a game.

(Hurry back Zach - we'll have a wonderful one, two punch).. LOOK at my SIGNATURE.....

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I'm sure Zach was just as happy as Jeremiah on the sidelines.

I realize that you're joking but as well as Masoli played in the 2nd half, he couldn't seem to get anything going in the first 30 minutes. At least Zach is more consistent and not as hot and cold - but he does have more experience. If Masoli can stay in his "zone" then he could be a very good QB as we saw in the second half.

To be fair to Mazzoli I dont think the Cats were properly prepared for this game. The half time adjustments got them primed tho

Jeremiah Masoli did not panic in the first half when the offence was sputtering. No intercepts! No fumbles! He was very patient! The second half was lights out! Austin has to be pleased that we now can have confidence in our back up guy. The Oline with Girard at centre gave Masoli time to execute the game plan. Revenberg looked solid in the sweeps for Gable. We have a couple of young gems in Girard and Revenberg.
The Esks Riley took several nasty but clean hits from our D guys and Courney's sack and strip near the end was the sealer. To paraphrase Frank Langella in Draft Day, we had a great night! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

@ Mikefrmthhammer

I agree with you. It's going to be a great 1-2 punch we have once Zach returns :smiley:

mikejfs: :thup:

       I was also wondering what the heck was going on in the first half.....and  the game planning.

But I quibble. Without that dismal performance there would not have been such an incredible comeback.
Masoli deserves a lot of credit along with Fantuz, Owens(!!!) and Tasker.
However Zach is the undisputed #1 and team leader. I can't wait for him to get back to his old form.

As wonderful as Masoli was the Esks QB matched him pretty much throw for throw. Happy to escape with 2 points in the toughest stadium in the CFL to win a game

Masoli played lights out. Calm, composed and set a completion record at 23 straight. His second half performance was the best I have ever seen by any QB. Darts, fades, lobs, screens all beautiful.

Let's call that performance what it was - incredible and amazing to watch!

Anything else in this thread is picking the fly sh*t out of the pepper.

Be happy folks! You probably won't see such an amazing comeback combined with that QB performance again in your lifetime!

Be proud of your game Jeremiah!! :thup:

So, you're saying Riley threw 23 consecutive completions at some point? Give your head a shake. Overall, Masoli outplayed him. Give him some credit that he could scramble and still find a receiver. Did not make any mistakes that cost the team. Riley did.

(Inspired by a comment on the main forum.)

Love it!

I couldn't believe my luck in finding that middle picture.

Laughed my ass off! Great post CFIO! Incredibly creative... :rockin:

Hey Catsfan that is truly brilliant work! :lol: Being an old guy, I had to look at it a couple of times and then it hit me. You are a very bright, creative young person. :thup: :thup: :thup:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Thanks. But I ain't that young. OK, maybe it's all relative. Let's just say that many of my favourite all-time players are from the late '60s - Henley, Zuger, Coffey, Fleming, Mosca.

J. MASOLI 31/38 81.6% 391 3 TDs 0 INT

M. REILLY 32/42 76.2% 354 3 TDs 0 INT

Give your head a shake. Reilly was damn good. A couple Esks drops in the second half if you were watching :slight_smile:

Who cares what Reilly did or didn't do? We had a BIG win, a memorable comeback, and a chance to crow a bit. Why do we Ti-Cat fans always look for the "cloud around every silver lining"?

You forgot....fumbles ..Riley 1. ... Masoli..ZERO
Sacks? Not always the QB's fault but Riley did not escape them as Masoli did.

Masoli was better and is not considered a "starting QB" where Riley is.

Admit it. Masoli outplayed him this game. Masoli set a CFL record.

So, let's just agree to disagree .

Its been told that Jeremiah lead his chosen people to the promise land of a surprising come back win. That was a happening of Biblical proportions. :wink: :cowboy:

And guess what 2 players were named performers of the week last week?