Zach or Dan

assuming Zach is good to go. who do we start vs BC?

normally I don't like when an injured player loses his starting job but its not like ZC truly earned the spot and Dans played well enough to keep it.... for now


#4 is on 6 game IL.

what?.. well I guess that ends this thread.. Dan it is lol

Zachariah or Jeremiah let us all pray. :cowboy:

Collaros can come back off the six-game list early, but I think LeFevour has shown enough that Collaros can take his time to come back when he's ready.

Oski Wee Wee,


I would go with Dan even when Zach is healthy because he has proven he can move the Ball

He proved he could move the ball against Ottawa who tried to blitz him every play. The Bombers studied the film and realized that if they didn't blitz and kept him in the pocket they could control him. It worked.
I expect the next game will be the same, do not blitz him, he is not an accurate passer his strong point is running and the dump passes and screens against the blitzing defense.

Maybe im just sour but im not as high as others on Dan. Zero attempts down field and failure to get the ball to a number of receivers.
We wont sustain any sort of offense with what I saw in the past 2 weeks.

That's not sour, that's oblivious.

At this point, i'd rather stick with danny. give him a year under centre and let him develop into our next franchise guy.


well he did have that one long pass down the sidelines. that would have been in the 3rd row if there was seats. :oops:

I just don't think Austin does the down field pass thing much. I remember saying the same thing last year?

Give Dan a few games and then let the debate begin.
My money is ZC will be given every opportunity to regain the starting role he was signed to have. He was Austins choice and that means he will get the edge.

I think that you need to give Zach the opportunity to prove himself when he is totally healthy again. It is his first year with this offense and team while Dan is in his 3rd year with the team and second with the offense so both the receivers and schemes are more familiar to him. I don't think Austin is going to pay Zach a starter's salary and leave him on the sidelines unless he really tanks. So far he has hardly had his chance.

I'm with Crash.

We have gone deep once in two weeks. Never makes any secondary reads. Giguere seems to be training for the bobsled team, because we certainly don't use him as a receiver.

Keep developing him, but I don't think he should be handed the starter's role.