Zach is back

I just want to take out Ottawa and finish business with Manziel and Montreal and Masoli showing us hes ready for the playoffs. This is it folks…I need to see full all out good Masoli right up until the grey cup is finished…giving it his all

He’s the “Yeast” of our worries . :wink:

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I think he's talking about Craig Ellingson.
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He's the "Yeast" of our worries .

A very creative reply, bobo. I presume you're referring to Greg ::slight_smile: Yeast.

LOL . He'll never rise again :wink: ;D

Doesn’t affect most of us. We can still enjoy our popcorn, nachos and salsa without Printers. ;D

“Chips and queso.” Misquoted by Ken Peters as “chips and cakes”, which was picked up by TSN and everybody else.

I still miss Greg.

Ellingson. Right?

Odell Willis concusses Zach again!!
Proulx didn't even call a penalty on the play.
When Chris Jones saw the replay and had to challenge, He was seriously PO'ed

More proof we need the old challenge system back. Without illegal contact. That’s what slowed the game down, the fishing expeditions for IC.

How many times has Willis laid an injury on Collaros? How often does Proulx NOT call even marginal RTPs?

Shameful that a guy like Willis gets away with obvious intent to injure hits. Maybe Jones will be that rare coach that has the guts to call him out on it.

How many more of these hits can Zach take? Should seriously think about retiringretiring.

Not making excuses for Odell, but Zach doesn’t exactly protect himself over the years.

Was Willis also the guy who hit Collaros's knee a few minutes before he collapsed with his ACL injury? I still believe that hit was the cause of the ACL tear, and that it gave way completely the next time Collaros tried to make a cut.

Well technically, he didn't get away with it this time, as the penalty was called after the challenge.

But I would argue that's still "getting away with it." BC loses 15 yards. SSK loses its starting QB for the game, and possibly the season. Willis doesn't even miss a single play. He gets to line up again next week and the week after, free to attempt to end more games/seasons/careers if he so chooses. With perhaps a 15-yard penalty waiting for him if he does.

A more appropriate penalty for an illegal hit would be that you have to sit out as long as your victim does.

On another note, don't overlook the role of the football gods here. Check out Zach's passing yardage for the season: 2,999 yards. Maybe he just wasn't meant to get to 3,000?

I agree with your proposed penalty.
As for the repeat illegal hits, well, there's a saying that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Sometimes that dog has to go to that great farm for dogs to return to eternal youth.
Willis is an old dog.

The conspiracy theory part of me says that Zach may have a hefty performance incentive once he passes for 3,001 yards. If that's so, then I see him riding the pines for the last game... lol

SSK has a bye next week, so there will be no more regular season stats.

If CAL loses to BC, SSK finishes in first and does not need to play again until the Western Final. If CAL wins, SSK hosts the semi-final, but still gets a week of rest beforehand. The question is whether that is enough time for Collaros to recover.

If not, Dirty Odell may have ended their season at the cost to BC of 15 whole yards.

Here's a Drew Edwards piece on the situation. In the slowed-down replay it's clear that Odell was going for the injury. He sure as hell knew he wasn't getting the sack, after seeing that the ball was thrown and then lowering his head and driving through the hit for maximum impact.

Not a fan of Drew. Big fan of this article. Calls it as it is and nails the "eye in the sky" nonsense for what it is. Nonsense. Eye in the Sky could correct facemask, defenseless hit calls, and of course roughing the passer when Andre Proulx standing 5 yards away staring at the play chooses not to throw a flag.

Still cant find exactly what the "eye in the sky" can or can't do, and Ambrosie seems more fussed with number of challenges per team as a major victory of the offseason than addressing player safety. There have been years when literally every single starting QB missed time with many out for the season, at least the NFL has recognized (probably too far the other way) that the QBs are the meal ticket and should be protected.

Lots of introspection and second-guessing on how and when to get the injured player off the field after he is hit, as well as whether the 15-yard penalty is called. But no one seems very concerned about the near-complete lack of repercussions for the guy who hit him.

There is virtually no disincentive for ending someone else's game/season/career with an illegal hit. On that basis, any guesses as to whether such hits will continue?

Unfortunately, it probably won't happen until the dinosaurs of the CFL become extinct (Willis, Hebert) and more players from the Sports and NCAA that have been playing with modern rules/ejections/suspensions fill up the rosters. Right now, the maximum fine onder the current CBA is half a game cheque.

I believe that ANY hit to the head (if not called) should be able to be challenged by a Head Coach without counting against their one challenge (SK would then have had their "regular" challenge remaining). It would have to be part of the next CBA as to fines/suspensions for head shots and dangerous hits - with increasing penalties (fine, 1-game with fine, 3-games with fine, season and playoff suspensions, etc). For an idiot like Hebert, who has a history of dangerous play, that could be significant for the team.

To take it even further, in order to discourage dangerous hits, the TEAM should have to play with 43 dressed players for as long as the suspension lasts (The TWOCOLOURS would have had to play a man down for 3 games this season).