Zach is back

I just watched the Riders Bombers game. After Zach threw his second int of the first half I started thinking that is the QB we knew last year.

His stats for the game, 8/19 69 yards, 0 Td’s, 2 Ints.

Is there anyone that still thinks we should have kept him?

Quite a few!

I think Masoli threw as many int’s vs. Argos?

Also, our record vs. Sask is 0-2.

Actually 0-2 vs. Calgary and 0-1 vs. Ottawa… its great we can beat up on the lesser teams, but let’s beat the top teams in the playoffs in the games that really count before we get ahead of ourselves.

Over the course of the year, I can admit Masoli has got better, but before the season, it was debatable how good Masoli would be and if zach really was done.

JM also thew 4 TD’s, went 21/30 and threw for 338 yards. Also Masoli is not made of glass like Collaros is.

Also Zach did not play in the two games we played against the riders this year.

We’re still doing this?

1st time I have ever done it.

He’s done like dinner . Believe me the Riders are winning in spite of him NOT because of him . Not sure if any of you have been watching him this year BUT trust me you want to talk about someone being mediocre ? Zach is a few notches below that mark this year . He absolutely STUNK in that game against the Peg yesterday . Unbelievably atrocious . No doubt in my mind we made the right choice .I believed it then and I believe it now . He’s done nothing since to convince me any different .

In retrospect we made the right choice. All im saying is it wasn’t so clear cut I n the off season.

Some posters get a kick out of saying I told you so, which is annoying in itself.

Our team is winning. All im saying is, the time to beat our chest is when we take care of the teams ahead of us in the standings.

The ticat organization hyped Manziel for a solid year and a half. Can’t blame some of the fans for then buying into said hype…


It was pretty clear Zack was done as long as he played for us, but I thought a move would wake him up. He has been pretty darn mediocre with Sask.

Heading into the pinnacle of the season…

Let’s get all the Masoli, Collaros, Manziel , Bomben, Coleman, Chapman, Jones “told ya so” s out of the way.

And start fresh

Well said, these topics are getting redundant.

Steelcity has a good point about our record against teams that are over .500.
Its nice to see us beating teams that we should be beating.
Now we need to beat the best, if we are to be champs!
Otherwise it will just go down as just another .500 season.

You just know we can't get through the next two weeks without an Ellingson reference.

Who ??

Damn, you’re right.
Win or lose there’s a whole new crop of Masoli threads coming too.
So naive of me.

I think he’s talking about Craig Ellingson.

Anybody out there still care about Rico Murray not being here ? Don’t want want a told you so later,

I'm still not over losing Printers. He was good for 2 whole wins per year!

For the record, I didnt start this thread. I have some self restraint.

Hasten to add Charleston Hughes to that list.