Zach is Back (Bach?)...


In his second game back after recovering from an injury that ended his 2015 season prematurely, Zach Collaros threw a career-high five touchdown passes on 381 yards to put Hamilton over the Saskatchewan Roughriders in their first home win of the 2016 season.

Collaros looked in fine form, connecting on 23-of-31 of his passes, starting the game with a dominant nine-play, 60-yard drive tapping into four different receivers. He delivered on his first touchdown pass to Andy Fantuz for the 37-yard score midway through the first quarter.

Collaros opened and closed the second quarter touchdowns, beginning with a 58-yard bullet to Brandon Banks, who capitalized to bring the Ticats another big score. He ended the first half with a 5-yard connection to Chad Owens.

A few minutes into the second half, the Steubenville, Ohio local continued his dominant evening, slinging the ball to Terrance Toliver for a 47-yard major. Collaros’ final TD came at the hands of Chad Owens, who caught 13 yards out and ran it in.

Under Collaros’ leadership the Ticats accumulated 507 yards of net offence against the Roughriders. The former Cincinnati Bearcat has 712 yards and seven touchdowns through two games this season. Collaros finished the 2015 season third overall in the Shaw Top Performers rankings.


I would have thought he was Number 1 (Number 2 stinks, right?) but then I looked at Kevin Glenn's stats. Number 2 is not so bad after seeing KG's game stats.

It's time for us to make a statement by beating Calgary. I'm tired of losing to them.

CONGRATULATIONS TO ZACH. A very dominant performance. Don't know how you could choose Glenn over Collaros...they're numbers were virtually identical. And Zach didn't play the entire game. Still don't understand why the weekly awards no longer have categories...Offensive, Defensive and Special Teams?

and yet KG was playing on what many consider to be a crap team playing the defending East Division champs, whereas we played the league doormat (at least for this year). So what KG accomplished was more impressive for that reason.

I worship at the Zach altar, but I think you can see this difference. :wink:

Hadn't considered the opponent. Point well taken.

You know, I was nodding my head in agreement with Rockfish until I read your explanation.

Point well made, Mike. :thup: :thup: