Zach Evans is a Rider again!

Great signing. Didn’t think we had a shot at Evans but obviously he wants to be back in RiderNation and play for Jones. Great defensive line we now have.

So we needed ANOTHER chicken-crap thread even though you responded to this news (that was posted over 30 mins ago) in another one ??

I'm sorry it made you so angry. That wasn't my intent :D. Was hoping to talk about Zach Evans in particular. There's an interesting story about a local product that spans a few years and - deserves its own thread without cluttering up another IMO. Maybe others don't remember Zach Evans situation back here in 2012 and prior:

Zack Evans signing link above from Rider land.

Local radio played his phone call conversation. Pretty excited to be back home.

Really happy about the Evans signing but think that paying over 500k to three players on the DL may come back and bite us. If injuries hit we have no depth and no money to sign depth behind these guys. Jonesis taking a big risk here.

There is zero risk in bringing in a 27yr old outstanding and proven GC champion Canadian D lineman into the Riders fold. Local boy to boot. The dollars will work, we have gotten some other talent at near bargain basement prices. Last week Jones made a few comments on the salary cap stuff being challenging but he felt good where they were.

No risk at all. Very wise play from Chris Jones. I didn’t think we would have a chance but it seems Evans desire to play in the green & white helped this deal too