Zach Collaros

Sask looking to get better. Can't argue with this move.

Winnipeg should be all over trying to get KG back this afternoon.

Doubt it will happen

Crazy to think we stand pat at QB

…Why this afternoon…Corky and his gang are overloaded at the qb. spot and are going to have to dump someone soon but will probably sit on it for awhile…3 qbs. under contract and trying to add a fourth…Looks like one of either Glenn,Adams or Bridge are done in Sask…Can’t see them parting with Bridge…nobody wants Adams so it looks like ol suitcase Glenn will be boarding something and leaving Greenland…He could end up here orrrrr Edm. as they’ll need a back-up to fill Franklin’s spot…Rumours are he might decide to retire BUT I still think he has backup game left…as long as he isn’t put in a position where the game is on the line because he has a penchant for chucking them up and losing it for ya…Still wouldn’t mind him backing up Nichols…We’ll see

Agree there is lots of time so my bad for suggesting urgency in finding talent and reality if you asked is that there already is a #2 in town and the team has good chemistry the way it is.

Collaros, Bridge, and Adams gives the Riders a solid lineup. Would have a hard time arguing the issue has not been addressed in Sask.

KG is not a fit for Wpg. Too much been there, done that. Maybe he hangs them up. Either way he has had a good career.

Participating in the improvement process is not a strong trait of the Winnipeg organization.

Expect total carnage of bomber upper mis-management & coaching if bombers take a nose-dive in '18 (ie. 1-17 to 7-11)

Thus, 8-10 or better probably saves the carnage - although there probably is one change in the troika at 8-10 (either Flubber or Gomer Kyle)

Actually, the only thing saving this group of miscreants from total carnage might be an early season ending injury to #1 QB Mutt Nichols. Without Nichols and apparently with the bombers profound disinterest in upgrading their QB position a Nichols exit would allow The Troika Boyz a completely suitable excuse for extenuating themselves past this season.

Dom Davis was a profound fail when given the reins last season. Big arm, big body, some escapability - but his accuracy was gawdawful - and he looks like another studly without a brain.

Dandy LaFever is just a guy who is what he is. Lots of spirit and spunk, decent short-yarder but with a shot arm or arm that never was.

Both appear to be Loyalty/Rewards guys - as they'd never catch on anywhere else!