"Zach Collaros"

Can anyone report on Zach's condition and a possible return date....Jeremiah Masoli is not doing a real bad job but maybe clean up the turnovers...Zach and him will bring back that great one---two punch we need.

8) Why don't you try reading the topic, " Collaros Very Close To Practicing" ??
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Excuse...You must be the post police...is that a 10 or 15 yard penalty?...but I may check it out....I had thought is was getting old and looking for some day to day info...Oh well some people like to live in the past.

Is in full gear, is cleared to play anytime, he just needs to time to get into somewhat of a game shape after missing camp, my take is this If Mazoli struggles in MTL Zach will play vs Edm but if he has a great game they could keep Zach off the field until after the bye week

We had better improve our Oline and overall team blocking play before exposing Collaros to a team like EDM

So far in our 3 games we have given up 10 sacks

@TOR - 2 sacks
vrs BC - 4 sacks
vrs WPG - 4 sacks

IMHO these were not coverage sacks, they were run for your life sacks

Zach gets rid of the ball a lot faster than Mazoli though

I suspect that we'll start to see Masoli running more with the ball, on rollouts and draws, as we get closer to Collaros coming back.

Two points here :

Zach is unlikely to be starting in Edmonton regardless of how Masoli plays this week. At best he might dress as the #3 (think Ricky Ray's return last season where he dressed for a couple of games before coming in to relieve Harris)

Edmonton's defense in 2016 is not the Edmonton 2015 defense. I just saw today where they are last in a number of defensive categories. Of course they might improve in the next week or so but the EE is much more of an offensive-minded team (surprise, surprise) than a defensive minded one.

I dont see the TiCats pulling Zach off the 6 game ( means his entire salary counts against the cap ) if he was not going to be playing asap :rockin:

My understanding is that the rules don't allow players on the 6-game to participate in normal team practice, so pulling him off the 6-game would be a necessary step in allowing him to get practice reps with the team. We could split hairs over whether "as soon as he's really ready" is different from "asap" or not.