Zach Collaros

Zach Collaros was the starting QB for the Cincinnati Bearcats (NCAA Div 1 Big East Conference) in 2011 when the team won conference co-campion and beat Vanderbilt in the Liberty Bowl. He's known for putting up big offensive numbers and able to run the ball as well. How will he do tonight?

He is going to have to shoot out the lights in order to give us a chance to win tonight.
Surprisingly here in the wannabe US city, it has made all of the papers and on radio, save and except no surprise the Rogers chain.

Even if he puts up solid numbers, the problem with the Argos this year is the defence. It's odd (but good) that his start is being covered by the media in TO. It certainly merits more attention than the Bluejays under performing problems.

Looking forward to see what this guy can do.

Yeah Blue Jays, just shows you you can spend a ton of dough on players but you still might be cellar dwellers.

And he's going to have to use his feet with Kackert out of the line-up

Agreed, it may not be enough as the D has been the achilles heel so far this year.

At least the BC Lions pass rush is horrible with only 6 QB sacks so far this year. But, they've only given up 21 points per game compared with Toronto's 29.5. The Lions are listed as 7.5 point favourites.

He's got the argos on top 14-6 at the moment. Woulda been a bigger lead if prefontaine wasn't so useless.

He could be the RedBlacks next starting QB if he keeps this up.

Toronto could trade him to a team like Winnipeg, Montreal or Edmonton before losing him to expansion.

or they risk it and hope ottawa takes a calgary QB and willy out of riderville.
this way they keep ray’s air apparent.
it’s better than 50/50 chance they’d get to keep him, rather than trade him and lose him for sure.

If I was Ottawa. I'd sign Glenn on the FA market and take two of ZC, Tate, BLM. They would be set at QB for the next five years plus.

When does Glenn become a free agent? After this season, or the 2015 season?

After this season I think.

then they are taking two calgary QBs for sure. glenn and tate or glenn and mitchell. and willy.

argos win. never saw that coming.

Game much closer than the score indicates, but I'm happy with this outcome. If BC managed to punch in a major it'd be a whole new ball game, but Toronto D held them to nothing but field goals.

The Argo's blitzing with 30 seconds left up by 27 shows how much of a clown that Chris Jones is though. BC has their backup in, going through the motions, and he sends the house, completely unnecessary.

They can only take one QB from a single team.

QB Collaros doing well, good game prep by the Argo’s coaching staff - Lions out coached - Argo Defense = Skookum results…38-12 Argo final

This weekend sure looked like an Ottawa QB tryout camp, didn't it?

oh bull, ya play hard to the final whistle no matter the score. anything less than that is unacceptable.